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December 15, 2012
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As Feliciano got home, he opened the door setting the books on the table. He then went looking for his fratello and _____________. He then came outside, as he shouted for them.

"Fratello, _____________ WHERE ARE YOU?"
You suddenly heard someone calling you and Lovino, you looked up at him seeing as he notice as well.

"We should probably be going"

"Yes, we should...Lovino I had a great time with you" you gave him a hug as he return the hug.

"Thank you for getting me away from my father...its the best thing anyone has ever done to me" Lovino hugged tightly as he spoke.

"You welcome, _______________ I couldn't leave you with that monster, what kind of father would do that to you"

"Since mother was gone, he was lost I guess"

"Well you're staying with me and that's final." you giggled as you broke the hug and get up and walked hand in hand with Lovino. As you both finally got back to the house, you saw Feliciano there, he smiled at you guys as he came up to you.

"____________ you'll all better"

"Yes I am Feliciano, thank you"

"Ummm,____________ can I talk to my brother for a moment"

"Sure" you walk into the house leaving the brothers talking.

"Whats wrong fratellino?"

"Well you see fratello, Angela is the problem"

What did she do did she hurt you, anything about ___________"

"Well she is starting to get well curious about ___________ and all"

"Well she isn't going to have me, that bitich needs to be put in her place"

"I know I wish I could do something, but I don't want to get in the way and all"

"I know u don't want things like it was back in Italia, but this is something I need to handle its my problem now... Grazie fratellino"

"No problem" with that they both headed in seeing as you started your homework, Lovino came over to you and gave you a kiss on the head. You look up at him and smiled.

"You know we do have to go back to school tomorrow" your face sadden, but still kept the smiled.

"Okay Lovino" you went back to your homework as Lovino sat down beside you doing the same thing.

The Next Day

You arrive at school with Lovino going to your locker. When you were opening your locker, you heard a shouting going around, the student came over to Lovino begging for help.

" need to help me, my friend is being bullied come this way" as the kid was tugging on his sleeve, he look over at you and said.

"I will be back, stay here" you nodded as Lovino left with the kid as you finish getting your stuff from your locker.

"What is a fine nice girl here all by herself" you turn your head seeing a handsome guy that has raven colored hair, the color of his eyes were brown and he was wearing a white shirt with a black jacket over his shirt and come wash out blue jeans.

" not here alone" you closed you locker as you were turning around, he placed both his hands on each side of the locker blocking you from leaving.

"Please sir...I need to go"

"Sorry if I frighten you, I just wanted to your know your name?" he loosen up a bit and you spoke,

"My name is ____________"

"_____________ that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" you blush at the comment as you heard foot tapping, you look over at Lovino and you smiled,

"Well I have to go, ummmm..."

"Dean, just called me Dean"

" was very nice to meet you, see you around I guess" you ran over to Lovino as you turn your head back seeing him wink at you, you turn back to the front seeing Lovino curious.

"___________ who was that?"


"I see...if he does anything to you, you tell me..okay"

"I understand" You wonder what was going on, first your father is dead, now a guy is interested in you. What has life done to me now? you thought.
finally wrote another chapter down, sadly I am using my laptop and I cant find my photo for the series, once I am back on the other computer I am going to put the photo back on here. Well I am alive and back to doing this, so

Hope you Enjoy!~
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Wait, I thought that The Netherland's hair was blonde and he had green eyes (he is Bella's brother after all). Did he dye his hair and put in some contact lenses or something?
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