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October 14, 2012
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After the kiss with Lovino, he broke the kiss staring into your eyes, you look into his with a warm smile on his face. He then lean down into your ear and ask softly.

"Will you be my girlfriend bella" and with that you smile and said,

" I would love to Lovino" he smile back as he took your hand and walk you to class as everyone was shock on what they had saw.

"I can't believe that bitch stole my man, Lovino doesnt know what he is gettiing himself into"

"Sister, please calm yourself down, you never acted like this to any other boy, whats special about this one?"

"Because one he is sexy, and too hes Italian have you heard that italians are great lovers"

"So you want him, so you can sleep with him?

"Yes, brother, god, something I dont know why you dont have a girlfriend?"

"Their are some things you need to know first, before including yourself in the crowd"

"AUGH!!! your hopeless you know that"

"Whatever, so what is your plan on getting him, being that you have something in mind"

"Well i have you know...hey how do you know i have something up my sleeve?"

"I'm your brother, thats what"

"Okay heres the plan.." Angela explain the entire plan to her brother and he found this, not well.
After school as Lovino walk you home from school, he stop you as you turn around and look at his worried face.

"Lovino, is something wrong?"

"_________ I..are you safe here?"


"Are you safe here _______ with your father?" you knew sometime he wold ask this being that he was concern about you now that you are his girlfriend.

"I.." you sighed. "No, im not really, i can't stand to live with him, im afraid he is going to rape me at some point from all the drinking that he has done, and i cant leave him, because im afraid he is going to go after me and start hunting downt he people i care for, why dont you think i dont have any friends around cause i dont want them to get hurt and now since you know that, you probably want to leave, before he finds out about you" as you said this, you started to cry out softly as tears came down your face. Lovino came over to you and gave you a hug and a small kiss on the forehead.

"___________ i dont care about what your father will do, i want you to be safe, i dont care if your father comes and finds me, i will kill that bastard if he hurts you" you look up at him seeing his caring face.

"What would your mother think _____________, would she want you to live with him, or be happy with someone you love that loves you back?" You started to think about what he said,

'Maybe mother would be happy if i was away from father'

"So ___________ would you come with me and live with me and my fratellino? you nodded your head and Lovino gave you a small kiss on the lips with joy.

"Alright, i will come here tomorrow morrning and pick you up along with your things" you nodded and smiled at him as he kiss you goodbye and walked into the house, seeing your father drunk as ever passed out on the floor.

'Good he didnt hear me come in'

You walked passed your father and ran up the stairs closing the door as you lock it, hoping that your father wouldnt come in. With happy thoughts, you grab your suitcase getting all of your things into them and packing away. You hope that your father wouldnt even notice that you will be gone from him forever, but it was good to hear. Later on that night when you were reading a book, you started to hear banging on the door.

"____________, ____________ you better damn open this door right now" you drop the book in fear as you stay on your bed not opening the door.

"__________ i swear to fucking god, open this damn door RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" He started banging harder and harder seeing the door about to break, you quickly grab your cellphone calling Lovino, you started crying once you heard his voice through the phone,

" father hes about to break the door open, please..come get me now" the door is almost broken, as Lovino heard this he kept the cellphone on hearing everything that will go on as he was in his car and drove as fast as he can to your house.
The door suddenly burst broken all the little pieces, you drop your phone on the bed as you suddenly saw your father, with his shirt taken off and only in his boxers, you cant believe this was happening, slowly your father came up to you as he pulled your chin to face him, wtih a grin on his face as he said,

"___________ you're going to be my little slut for tonight" your eyes widen as you pray Lovino would get here in time, before everything is lost.
I am so sorry this took me so long to do, and i am alive i just been busy with schoolwork and such, so i hope that anyone who has been reading this is still reading, cause im back and heres a whole new chapter on Popular Romanox Abuse Reader Never Again
Hope you Enjoy!~
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