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August 7, 2012
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School, it was the only place to be was the safest area that kept you away from your dunking father. At the time, you only wish you could stay forever there, but even know you were safe from him, others that treated you like trash was another thing you didn't like and want. Popular girls making fun of you the way you dressed, sweaters on the warmest days that made you sweat was some things that they made fun of, but they didn't know what was going on. All they care about was making you there toy to play with, seeing as they see you as nothing.You were at your locker, placing the books inside as you were grabbing others to your next subject, Italian. You sigh as you grab your book and close your locker as you walk to your Italian class, before you made it to the classroom, you spotted one of the most popular girl in school, Angela, she was the meanest girl in school, she could have whatever she wants and gets what she wants. Honestly what made this girl so popular beats anyone, once you were trying to get to class she block you from your way.

"Angela i really need to get to class so can you please move" Angela smirk and slap your books onto the ground as she was laughing at your sorry face. You drop to your knees and pick them up one by one, Angela look down at you as she said,

"Don't think that wont happen again ___________ your a nobody and you will always be that way" Angela laugh as she walked into her math class, you were happy that she wasn't in your class, but the comment she made, you felt a single tear coming down your face, you didn't bother to wipe it off as you were trying to find your Italian book for class, suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder, you froze a little as you turn around getting up, you saw that he had your book and you look at him, he was the most popular boy in the school along with his twin brother Feliciano Vargas, he dress fashionable and he was stylist of what he wants.

"Did you drop this" he said as you nodded, he handed you the book as you place it into your binder, you look at him as you said,

"Grazie, you are Lovino Vargas right, the new guy from Italia right?" Lovino smiled a little as he said,

"Si~ you really know your Italian well do you miss.."

"____________, _____________ and si~ a little bit"

"____________, its very nice to meet you" you couldn't help but smile a little, you haven't smiled since your mother was alive and well. Lovino look at you seeing a tear stain on your face.

"___________ were you crying?" you didn't want him to know what happen, but you felt okay telling him.


"I see...well ____________ shall we get to class"

"You have class with me?"

"Si~ its better then taking Spanish, i hate it, i mean this will be a piece of tomato for me"

"Piece of tomato?"

"That is hard to explain"

"Its fine" you walk to class with Lovino seeing as you sat in the back where your assigned seat was while Lovino was in the middle with his brother already there.

"Ve~ Fratello what took you so long?"

"Shut up Feliciano i just...met someone and she needed help" Feliciano giggle as he patted on his fratellos shoulder.

"So who is she, is she from Italia as well as us?"

"No, Fratellino shes not, shes different then the ones back in Italia" Lovino sigh a little looking behind him seeing you were looking down on your paper as you were writing things down til teacher arrives, Feliciano look back as well as he smile at Lovino.

"I think someones in love fratello"

"Feliciano... shut up" Lovino blush as he slap his brothers shoulders to shut him up as he was shedding a tear,

"Seriously your going to cry?"

"But it hurts fratello, I'm sorry it wont happen again" then an idea struck Lovino as he whispered into his brothers ears.

"Feliciano i want you to do something for me" Feliciano whispered,

"Si~ what it is fratello"

"How about you be friends with ____________ it seems that shes lonely and has nobody, so will you do that for me" Feliciano smiled and said

"Ve~ yea i will fratello i wont let you down"

"Good" Lovino pulled away as the teacher arrive. Lovino said to himself,

"Because I want you to have somebody as a friend, until i have the right moment"
So this is something i would never do and i think no one as ever done this before, well maybe there is but i don't know, sorry its my first time doing Romano and all, but i do hope you enjoy this series, the beginning sucks, but there will be more better then this part,
Hope you Enjoy!~ and also tell me what you think about this, cause it is something new to me and all, or not its your choice
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