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You began watching him from the distance days later. Wondering about him, you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but apparently he seemed to notice as well. Sebastian just played it cool, pretending not to notice. Night came as you notice there was a ball tonight, the Phamtonhive manor was celebrating something, you couldn’t put your finger on it, but you wanted to see him tonight. Before heading inside the manor, you breath in and out. Seeing your reflection on the window. You looked beautiful in your own way, the black dress you were, including a corset fit your body real well. For the final piece as you undue your hair, letting it fall down. You hid your death scythe into the bushes and reach in your small pocket into the dress and pulled out a white mask, hiding your face. Looking back at your reflection, you were ready. You turned yourself around, hoping no one knew you were here. Once you were done, you opened the door and slip inside. Your eyes widen a little, seeing everything so beautiful. People dancing with one another and looking over, you saw Ciel Phamtonhive dancing with his fiancé. You did your paperwork well, considering that a shinigami should know everything and everyone. You felt a hand on your shoulder as you froze for a second. Turning your head around, you looked back seeing him.

“My never before we had a party crasher.” he smiled at you as you felt your cheeks blushing. “Though a lady shouldn’t be alone, come I will be your dancer for tonight.” You nodded to him as he pulled you across the dance floor. Holding you close as the two of you began to waltz.

“I don’t even know your name.” you spoke as he gave his smirk.

“Oh, but I’m afraid you do, Miss _______________.” Your eyes widen as you were a bit confused.

“But how-”

“Your eyes, are what attracted me.” he twirled you around as you felt him closer to you than ever before.

“Sebastian, there’s something about you that makes me wonder.” You spoke as he leaned his head against your ear.

“Really? Never before me that this has ever happen.”

“So you know then?”

“On the contrary, I feel you are not like the others of your kind.” he kisses you cheek as you couldn’t help, but blush. “I know what your feeling, though it can be a common mistake.”

“I don’t know what that feeling is.” you spoke, as he pulled away from you.

“My apologies, but my master needs me. Would you care to stay the night?” he asked as you nodded out of the blue. Sebastian couldn’t help, but curl his lip as he took your hand and kiss it. “Wait for me, I will come back.” you nodded once again as he left you. Standing there, your heart began to flutter really fast. You couldn’t help feel something you were not suppose to. Even though you watched him, this feeling is not real. It will not ever be, you knew a shinigami and a demon cannot be together. Yet looking over at him, whispering over to his master did he even wonder if he sort of felt the same. You shook your head and smile this was the perfect plan to know him better. Looking up everything was about to change, starting tomorrow.
Sebastian x Shinigami Reader - Is it Wrong? pt 3
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler reader inserts series

So far it comes

Hope you Enjoy!~
A few days has passed, since you met the demon, apparently his name was Sebastian Michaelis. He was the butler to the young earl named Ciel Phamtonhive, who sold his soul to him. According to his file, he has done more killings than you ever thought possible. Putting his file away, don’t know why he has one, but anyways you began to leave the records library. Carrying your death scythe in one hand, you walked out of headquarters, but before you even continue, you were stopped by an annoying red headed fellow.

“_____________~ I know what you have been doing.” turning yourself around, you couldn’t help, but put a smirk on your face.

“And just what you know?” you asked, considering he kept wiggling his hips, like he was daydreaming or something.

“I know you have been, wondering about my lover.” your eyes widen a bit as you crossed your arms in front of your chest.

“And just who might that be?” you asked as Grell came close to you, but not much as he spoke.

“Sebastian Michaelis~” he swoon over that name as it melted his heart a bit. You couldn’t help yourself, but snicker a little.

“Very funny, I bet he would be interested in something more than a shinigami’s like yourself.” you began walking away from him as Grell was frustrated at you.

“Well I will prove it to you.” he grabs your arm and starts running. You sigh knowing well you weren’t getting out of this one.


Down in the middle of London, Grell kept snickering to himself as you eyed him of the confusion.

“Shouldn’t we be getting back, you know how William will feel if we are not back?” you spoke to him, knowing well he wasn’t listening.

“Calm your tits, ________________ he will come.”

“And just how?”

“With this.” he showed you a tiny black kitten that was hidden in his coat pocket. You smiled to yourself, seeing the most adorable little creature in the world. “Sebastian knows I have his kitten. He loves cats so much, and since I am not allowed back at the manor for..*coughs* reasons. *coughs*.” your smile came to a frown as you took the kitten away from him.

“Grell that is awful. He’s too young to stay away from his mother.” cradling the poor creature, Grell just shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, true love has its ways.”

“Grell how many times have I told you to not steal from a mother?” you looked over seeing the man you once saw days ago. Beyond that moonlight hitting against him, he as beautiful in your eyes. You began to shake it off as you watched Grell running to him and taking him in his arms. Of course Sebastian just moved aside letting Grell face planted on the ground.

“That wasn’t very nice to a lady.” he growled as he began to fix his makeup a bit. You couldn’t help yourself, but laugh at the poor thing. Yet without knowing, the demon was standing in front of you. You looked up, he was very tall indeed as he couldn’t help, but smile a little.

“My apologies for your friend he-”

“He’s not my friend, more of a menace.” Sebastian curled his lip of amusement. “but here, this belongs to you. Sorry for what happen.” being kind to a demon, that is even low for you. If William found out that you were being nice to a demon, he would have you work overtime. You lifted the little kitten to him as he began to hold it in his arms and pet it, hearing a small meow.

“Its nice to know she is safe.” She, wow you must that up a bit, than again you never really say what gender it was. But now it is not the point. Sebastian looked at you as he bowed to her. “It would be nice, if I know who am I speaking to.” he asked as you figure why the hell not.

“_____________, _____________” Sebastian leaned himself standing as he seemed to like the name. You on the other hand, couldn’t stop yourself from blushing. Yet it was gone, before he notice.

“It was nice, meeting you again, ________________. I’m sure that our paths will meet again.”

“I believe it will….” Saying that over in your head, what were you even thinking. He was a demon a menace to the shinigami’s world. Those filthy creatures take away souls from innocent humans. Still this one was not really like the others you have met before. Like the spider demon with that annoying little brat, what was his name? who cares. This one in front of you. Sebastian. He was something. You looked up at him once more, before he take his lead, he lean in closer to you and planted a small kiss on the cheek. You couldn’t help, but blush as he left with you frozen in your place.


“Ummm _____________ did he just-”

“No, no he didn’t Grell…I’m heading back to headquarters.” With that you ran from Grell as he was dumbfounded. He looked around, searching for his lover.

“SE-BAS-TIAN!!!!!!!!! I will find you my love.” he squealed with joy as he began searching for him.


You on the other hand, before heading inside, you notice him heading to the manor.

“Hmmmm must be where he lives.” very fancy indeed. The earl is truly a mystery to you. Looking down, kneeling and hiding in the shadows, you saw him admiring the little kitten he was holding. You couldn’t help, but feel if he was different from the rest. Than again you were different from the rest of your kind anyway.
Sebastian x Shinigami Reader - Is it Wrong? pt 2
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler reader inserts series

pt 1 <da:thumb id="491280584">

So far so good, for now I hope.

Hope you Enjoy!~
“Why does William have to give me all his work. Cant he see I have someplace to be?” you shouted looking over at Ronald. Clearly William and Grell had some plans to be taken care of and William decided to give half of his work to you. Ronald just looked over at you, while fiddling with his death scythe.

“Well, you know how William is. Besides we have two more souls to collect. After this we go to the pub or a party? What do you say?” he gave you his charm look, but you shook your head.

“Like I said Ronald.” you jumped to the top of the chimney looking around. “I have plans.”

“AUGH! But you always say that.” he pouted as you couldn’t help, but roll your eyes.

“Hey how about this weekend, say after work?” you spoke as he got up and picked up his death scythe on his shoulder.

“I don’t see why not.” he smiled at you. You smiled back as the two of you ran across every rooftop finding the souls that had to be collected.  


“Master are you sure, you need this right away. Its late and you should be-”

“Not another word, Sebastian. You know very well on why we have to be here.”

“I’m afraid so.” walking out of the dress shop, Ciel just sigh to himself.

“Lizzy is expecting this tomorrow and since they are closed on Sundays-”

“Lizzy would have been upset and you would put up with whatever she has plan.” he snickered a bit as Ciel looked back and glared at him. Sebastian stopped himself as he opened the door for him. Once Ciel was inside, Sebastian placed the dress inside the carriage, gently as he was. Ciel looked at him and spoke,

“Now, before you come in, I have one more mission for you.” Sebastian looked at him and nodded. “I saw those shadows on the rooftops, it could be spies. I don’t want them knowing where or what I was doing.” Sebastian curled his lip as he bowed.

“Yes, my lord.”


“No sign of them, Ronald.” you looked back at him as he fixed his glasses.

“For two souls, they are sure hard to find-” they both stopped as they heard some screaming.

“Well, guess we got more paperwork to do.” you sigh as you ran to the sound of the screaming. When they finally reached the location, you saw a man holding one screaming man, trying to fight back. Ronald was about to attack the person, but you stop him. As you heard the screaming man, pleading.

“I’m sorry I was only doing my-”

“Orders? For a human, you are fun to play with. So tell me, before you die, why were you spying on my young master?” the man, feared if he say, but he might as well tell him.

“I don’t know, its just a job someone hired me and my partner to spy on the Phamtonhive brat!-” Sebastian just choke his neck, practically breaking his neck.

“So it seems, well is that all?” he stopped a little, but still held a firm grip on him. The man nodded, Sebastian just sigh as he broke the mans neck, letting his limp form on the ground. He felt a presence near him as he put a smirk on his face. “It seems I am not alone.” Sebastian turned himself around, staring at the two shinigami’s before him.

“You demon!” Ronald growled as Sebastian paid no attention at him at all. In fact he was staring at the young woman before him. Such rare beauty, he could practically taste her soul, so pure, so delicious. You seemed to notice this as you couldn’t help, but blush at his appearance. Tall, crimson eyes staring into your own, and apparently in an butler outfit he sure was something, even for a demon. You stopped your blushing as you raised your death scythe at him.

“Whoever you are, leave!” Sebastian grinned as he bowed to her.

“Consider it done, milady.” he rise as he began to fall backwards. You rushed to the side of the roof, but when looking down he was gone. Scratching your head for a minute, the whole conversation seem a shock. This demon never took the two souls, strange. You couldn’t help it, but your thoughts were interrupted as Ronald used his death scythe on one of the men.

“Come on, ______________, get the other one so we can head back.” you nodded as you raised your death scythe in the air and done what you were suppose to do. Once finished you and Ronald raced back to headquarters when something came into your mind. Looking at Ronald you asked.

“Who was that demon?” Ronald shrugged his shoulders. It would seem to you that you would have to do some information on this ‘demon’.
Sebastian x Shinigami Reader - Is it Wrong? pt 1
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler reader insert

So decided to make this, since I am bored. If its interesting I will continue this. if not I wont do it.

Hope you Enjoy!~
The first time those lips touch his, he was completely caught off by surprise. Arms wrapped around his body, Eyeman couldn’t help, but stare into his mismatched eyes. The colors of blue and green shining against him. Rabbit looked at him, as he placed his finger on his lips and played with them a bit. Eyeman was a little shy at first, considering he was never in this position before. Rabbit just looked at him as his body was leaning close to him. Eyeman widen his eyes a little, but remain calm as he felt the wall behind him, hit against his back. All he did was chuckle, giving Eyeman a complete blank.

“You know, you don’t have to be sh-sh-sh-sh-shy around me.” he spoke, Eyeman just flustered a little, but couldn’t help, but smile at the automaton before him.

“Its not that, its well…I was never kissed before and I really like you a lot.”

“Well considering that I did you a favor. I also felt the sam-sam-sam-same.” he gave him his wicked smile that he come to love. Rabbit kissed him once more, and moved his hand to his and with breaking the kiss. He dragged him to his room, closing the door all the way. Eyeman was a bit concern about this, but he trusted Rabbit and only him. Rabbit looked back at him as he capture his lips again, while removing his hat and Eyemans as well. Eyeman just returned the kiss as he closed his eyes, he fiddled with Rabbit’s vest removing it easily off of him. Rabbit noticed as he too, started to remove Eyemans coat letting it fall to the floor. Rabbit pushed him back onto the bed, straddling his hips as Eyeman seemed to blush through his metal skin.

“Rabbit..are we-”

“Not lightly.” he pressed his head against his forehead. Staring into his eyes, Eyeman bit his lip. “Inside I do, but now. I want to see your core, how it fe-fe-fe-fe-feels. You can feel right?” he asked as Eyeman just chuckle to himself.

“Of course Rabbit, I can.” Rabbit smirk as he pressed his lips against him, letting him dominate the entire time. Eyeman moan through the kiss as he felt his tie being removed and with Rabbit topless. He broke the kiss as Rabbit trailed his finger on his chest and over his core.

“Such beauty, your creator has done magnificent work on yo-yo-you.” Eyeman blushed again as he trailed his hands over Rabbits. His blue core swirling around, the copper basically showing and black swirls as small details beside it. He was truly a work of art, Peter Walter the 1st was more than he could ever imagine. With Rabbit here with him, nothing can ever change that for him. Rabbit smiled as he got off of him and laid down next to him. He stroke his cheek with his fingers as Eyeman stared at him.

“I love you, Rabbit.” it came sudden, but Rabbit knew it all along. He pressed his lips against his and moved his lips to his ears and whispered.

“And so have I, Eyeman. I love you.” Pulling away from him, Rabbit wrapped his arms around Eyeman. Never leaving him from his side.
Rabbit x Eyeman - First
SPG fanfiction

Male Rabbit in this one.

Requested by iamananimeotaku

Hope you Enjoy!~
So I decided to make another series and since I wanted something a little different. Here is whats going to happen.
The crossover is The Great Mouse Detective, only this time it will be robots and people of course, but a little mix to it.
Character list so far:
  • Olivia: Delilah Lago Walter
  • Hiram: Spine
  • Basil: Sixth
  • Dr. Watson: Hatchworth
  • Ratigan: Buster Becile
  • Fidget: ?? dont know yet, maybe one of the Becile bots maybe?

Thats all I have so far, sadly, but if you like to help me I would be so happy.
Plus maybe Rabbit can fit into somewhere in here. This is what I have.

Any suggestions please comment down below Down Arrow

Thank you!~
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Hey I'm Romanox123 its very nice to meet you all :D and this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!~

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Sebastian from Black Butler stamp by Xiahism black butler ciel phantomhive stamp eyes by Xiahism Grell Sutcliff stamp by Xiahism Sebastian ~ Stamp by OtomeNishiki
Ouran High School Host Club ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki How To Train Your Dragon 2, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHell HTTYD: Toothless Shaking Head Stamp by randomkiwibirds HTTYD: Dramatic Hiccup and Toothless Stamp by randomkiwibirds
Disney The Fox + The Hound Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney 101 Dalmations by TwilightProwler Balto oo3 by HuskeeStamps Balto oo2 by HuskeeStamps
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Disney Tarzan + No Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Captain Hook + Piano Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Mulan + Reflection Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Dr Facilier + Shadow Stamp by TwilightProwler
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Disney Cheshire Cat Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Frollo Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Marie, Berlioz + Toulouse Nose Wiggle Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Puppy Copper Stamp by TwilightProwler
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