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Been very very busy lately and well, I have some things to get off my chest. If you are waiting for another chapter of something dfferent you will have to go in my fanfiction site and read the chapter. Its being a pain in the but and I rather have it on one page than the next. So if u want go to Romanox123 and you can see the latest uploads of chapters, so far up to 19.

Further more I do not know when I will be back, but I planed on finishing Time changes from Hiccup and also other things.

Again very sorry you all must hate me at this point.
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Kagome waited for the pup finishing his lessons, she didn’t mind waiting, it gave her time to think. The dream she had last night, her falling in love with the demon she wasn’t suppose to have. Holding her close, admiring his little garden, the one thing that was beautiful about this place, was the beautiful flowers that were grown here. The sunlight warming her body, she calmed herself, she couldn’t help, but smile. She sniffed the air for a minute, smelling the intoxication smell she learn to love. Never even looking back, she stood up straight from her back and pulled her legs close to her chest. Looking over with the corner of her eyes, she saw white hakama, before feeling his tail nudge against her. She wondered why would be want to see her, or was usually the other way around. Was it because of last night, her fighting with him about the pup? Or was it something else?

“Stand.” he ordered. Kagome didn’t want to, she was perfectly fine where she was at.

“No, sit.” Patting her hand on the ground, Sesshomaru just looked at her. Kagome knew he wouldn’t do it. Yet to her surprise the lord sat down next to her, his tail wrapped around her, pulling her closer to his shoulder. Kagome blush a little, looking down at the flowers.

“Something concerns me, miko.”

“Would you at least try to say my name? Its not hard, see Ka-go-me. Say it.” he frowned at her, he wasn’t in the mood for another fit over something ridiculous.


“Figures.” she groan, trailing her eyes up to the sky, pretty blues with white clouds bouncing off each other. She remembered touching one, nothing but air, feeling a small nudge from his tail, she knew he meant business.

“You know that one some times the hanyou will be a human for one night. The pup’s is tonight, I need you to let me handle him when it happens.” Kagome turned her head staring at him, she wasn’t going to let her pup do it alone.

“Why cant I be there with him? I have every right to-”

“Miko, do not disrespect for what I have for the pup.” he pointed a finger at her, making sure she understood. Unfortunally for Kagome she swatted her hand against his finger, poking her finger on his chest with anger.

“Like I give a damn, Inuyasha needs a mother to comfort the pup. He isn’t like you, Mr. Cold Hearted Bastard.”  She blink a few times, she didn’t mean to say that out loud. Nervously looking over at the demon, his eyes bleed red, trying to move away from him, his tail held onto her tightly. Her body was wrapped around his tail, pinning herself against the ground, his body pressed against her, before grabbing both of her hands pinning them above her head. Kagome was faced with his beast. Sesshomaru tried so hard to work with the miko, but she pushed him too far, snapping his jaw at her, he dig his claws into her wrists, blood seeping through. Kagome whimpered, she held herself from releasing her demon form.

“Stop. I’m so-so-so-so-sorry. I didn-” her words were caught off when he placed leaned down and placing his fangs over her neck, tempting not to sink his teeth into her. She was scared for once, her human form, shaking. Her miko powers didn’t glow, this wasn’t right.

“Submit!”</i> hearing his beast growling, she surrender herself. Tilting her head to the side, leaving her neck expose. Sesshomaru leaned down and licked her neck, she knew what it meant, she listened to his beast. “Good miko.”

“Hn.” A few tears slip down her face, she didn’t want to look at him. Closing her eyes for a minute, she felt herself being pulled up and was placed on his lap. Kagome opened his eyes, seeing him licking her hands. Tasting her blood, she bit her lip for a second, his eyes changing back to his amber ones. He went to the other hand, giving it the same treatment,

“I’m sorry, Lord Sesshomaru.” bowing her head to him. Sesshomaru saw this side of her, letting go of her hand. He wrapped his arm around the miko, smelling her, he scented forgiveness, calm and worry. He cursed at himself, for letting something so silly almost hurt the mother of the pup. Kagome leaned against his chest, finding it so hard to believe he was letting her do this. “Tell me the reason on why I cant be with the pup.” Sesshomaru nodded.

“His is painful when changing, it only happens on the night of the new moon. This Sesshomaru will help him, so he can do it without having the pain affect him.” Kagome didn’t know the pup was hurting when he changing, she felt bad for a minute.

“Still I want to help.” Sesshomaru understood, yet he still didn’t want her being there.

“For the pup’s sake, you can go to him when he’s change.” She nodded, not getting her way this time. She heard a small voice echoing in the wind, turning her head over seeing the pup running up to her. She realize what she was sitting on, Sesshomaru let go of the miko, setting her down on the ground. Getting up from his spot, he reached his hand out and caressed the pups cheek when he reached to him. “Be good pup.” leaving a small smile for the pup to see. Inuyasha gave him an opened mouth smile while hugging his brothers leg, Sesshomaru patted the pup’s head and started walking away. Kagome watch the two of them, she loved seeing the lord caring for the pup, even if he was different than him. Inuyasha ran up to his mother, he sat down besides her and smile brightly at her.

“I learn a lot of things today mother.” he was so over joy with learning, she couldn’t help but smile at the pup. She reached her hand out and rubbed the back of his ears, he purred under her touch still raising an eyebrow on why the pup would purr, he wasn’t a cat.

“What did you learn?” she asked while returning her hand back to her side. Inuyasha jumped from his spot, telling her the history of his family. How to speak, how to walk, anything they taught him. The one thing she caught him saying was his father,

“Lord Inu no Taisho, my father was the Great Dog General of the West. Everyone feared him, bowed to him, he was the greatest of all. He had a mate named Lady Sayuri, she is a pure Inu demoness who no one dared to question her, she is my stepmother. Her and my father had an heir to the west, which is my big brother.” he said with a smile, Kagome heard of them, in truth she already met them. “Even though the family was the perfect one, there was still one problem to that, a war was happening and my father had to do something. Leaving his mate and his son, he battled the demon named, Ryukotsusei. A dragon demon everyone feared, but my father wanted him dead.” she remember so well, her father was there with him helping. All she knows was that the dog general was injured and a human healed him back to health. Her eyes widen for a minute, before looking down at the pup.

“Inuyasha, is this part where your father met your mother?” he nodded, feeling happy and sad at the same time.

“Yeah, but they don’t know that part. They said my father was a fool for loving a human and gave birth to me. Still I don’t care what they think, I loved my mother. Human or not.” he said proudly. Sitting down in her mothers lap, Kagome brushed her fingers through his silver shiny hair, such softness she adored so much.

“Your mother would be so proud of you, Inuyasha.”

“She would be, still I wish I met father, big brother got to see him.” she smelled the sadness coming from the pup. An idea got to her head, moving her hand to his chin, she turned him making him look at her.

“Why don’t you ask Sesshomaru about your father? After all, he knows more about him.” giving him a smile. Inuyasha smile widen,

“You’re right, but would he tell me?” he asked curiously. Kagome leaned down and kissed her forehead while rubbing his back to let him know he was alright.

“Of course. If not I will give him a piece of my mind.”

“Be careful, the last incident would not be the last.”

“I know, my human disguise nearly slip from me.” Kagome looked up seeing the clouds darken. Picking up the pup in her arms, she stood up and started walking back to the castle.

“Mother, can I see your demon form, I really like it..” giving her the puppy dogs eye and pressing his lips together making him the cutest thing ever. Kagome shook her head, still urge herself for not showing it.

“Not today.”

“Tomorrow?” he asked. Kagome knew she couldn’t, yet no one was around. Sniffing the air, she didn’t sense anyone. Kagome closed her focusing on her energy, she left go of her demon form. Hair becoming longer, stripes showing, ears becoming pointed, her cherry blossom mark appeared in the middle of her forehead, her white tail wrapped around the pups body, causing him to giggle as it tickled him. She opened her eyes, staring down at the pups eyes, amber color, just like the lords.


“Yeah, your so pretty Mother. I know you have to hide yourself, but I like it when you are a demon. I don’t know why, but I feel something like you should be who you are and not hide it.”  With such words coming from the pup, she knew why she would hide herself, yet looking at the pup she was thinking about what he said.

“The pup is right, you aren’t happy being in that disguise. You were so much free as a demon.”

“I know, yet my father would take me back and punish me for escaping. I…I…just…” Tears stream down her face, sniffling and trying to hard to calm herself, Inuyasha reached his hand out touched both her cheeks. Wiping the tears away from her face, she stared at the pup, he leaned in and kissed her cheeks. Kagome smile a little, before nuzzling her nose against his and kissed his forehead.

“You always make me feel better, pup.” Inuyasha smiled and wrapped his arms around her neck, laying his head against her chest. The smell of rain began to fall, Kagome transform back to her human form walking in as the rain dripped down.


Kagome waited outside the pups room, she wanted to be there for him, but of course she had to listen to the lord. Holding herself close, she waited for him. Inside, Sesshomaru watched the pup, shaking and frightening, he could smell the salty tears begging to come out. Inuyasha held himself, trying so hard not to disappoint his brother. Sesshomaru saw the fear in his little brother eyes, he walked up to him, reaching his hand out. Inuyasha jumped into his arms, clinging onto him.

“Calm yourself, pup. Focus on the energy. Let it flow.” Inuyasha leak tears down his face, the pain was flowing through his body. Changing himself. Sesshomaru looked down at the pup, his hair changing from silver to black.

“It…hurts, big brother..” his puppy ears were gone, human ears appeared.

“Breath, pup. Focus.” he tried so hard, he whimpered in pain. Howling, making Sesshomaru’s ears hurt a bit. He looked down at the pup, calming himself. It was over, he was human. Inuyasha looked up at his big brother, those eyes of him were dark brown. Staring at the pup, Inuyasha was a bit afraid for what his brother would think. Sesshomaru held him close into a protective hug.

“Big brother?”

“How did you feel?”

“A lot better, thanks to you.” giving him a smile, Sesshomaru gave him a small smile for the pup. “Can Mother see me now? I can sense she’s worry.” He nodded to the pup, yet when the pup left him. He smelled that same scent of the demon,  he would ask questions later to the pup, for now. He needed her, opening the door seeing his mother worrying, Kagome looked up at him, seeing the pup before her. Long black hair where his silver hair used to be, his puppy ears gone, but human ears appeared, but what really caught her eye was his eyes, dark brown she seems to love the most.


“Do you still love me? Even with the way I look now…” Kagome stared at the pups, dark brown eyes, she smiled at him opening her arms to him. Inuyasha smiled at her, running, into her arms, she cling onto her kimono. Kagome rubbed his back, still smiling at her pup.

“Inuyasha, like I said when we first met. I love anyone demon or human, even both. You’re my pup, I wont let anything happen to you.” Feeling the warmth around her pup, she enjoy this feeling inside of her. Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru, causing her to give me a warm smile, Sesshomaru on the other hand only nodded to her, before leaving.


“Big brother. Big brother!!” running down the halls, his mother was still sleeping so he couldn’t wake her up. Sesshomaru could hear his brother down the hall, he went back to working on his documents, still the thought came to him, when he smelled salty tears. Realizing it was important, he set his work on his desk and headed out of his study.

“Why would you run around in the halls? A filthy hanyou like you should be killed, not worthy of being the prince of the west.” Inuyasha was back up against the wall, the demoness sharpening her claws, before flicking her wrist.

“Big brother loves me, I am not worthless.” he said to her, the demoness just chuckle to herself, before walking forward to the pup. His barrier came up, but was broken when she slice her claws at it.

“Foolish pup, my power can break any barrier. I wonder if the lord really does care for such trash like you.” Inuyasha wasn’t going to stand for this, flicking his wrist, the demoness froze in her spot. “No this cannot be! You’re only a hanyou!” fast as the pup was he slice the demoness in her neck, blood tickled down her throat as her eyes went white. Dropping on the floor, Inuyasha chuckled.

“No more, nice lady.”

“Inuyasha!” the pup looked over seeing his big brother, Sesshomaru gazed at him as his eyes widen. Shot red eyes came from the pup, blue around the iris. Jagged blue marks on each side of his cheeks, but most importantly he saw blood dripping from the pups fingers. Inuyasha chuckled, while licking the demoness blood from his fingers.

“She was mean to me, big brother.” chuckling like he was not himself. Sesshomaru moved closer to him. The pup moved forward, “I had to kill her.”

“You are not my brother.” he growled at the demon that was in control of his brother.

“I am, a full demon just like you wanted me to be.”

“No. This Sesshomaru would rather have the pup he was born with.” he notice his eyes flickering back to amber, the pup held himself, before screaming in pain. Sesshomaru ran to the pup, holding him close. He tried to move away. His scent was changing,

“Pup return to yourself.” Inuyasha looked up at his brother, his scent change back to his old self. Sesshomaru held him close, not making the pup look at the dead body that was on the floor. Inuyasha smelled blood, he froze to himself, looking down at his hands.


“Shh, I’m here. Big brother got you.” calming the pup, Inuyasha eyes widen, he called him brother. Looking up at him, Sesshomaru walked out of the hall.

“You said brother…do you love me, Sesshomaru?” Sesshomaru held him tightly, glaring at any of the demons or anyone. Once they saw that look, they knew not to mess with the pup. Inuyasha snuggled against him, just waiting for his answer, once he reached his study, he shut the door behind him, sitting down on some fur pelts.

“I do, little brother.” placing his chin on top of the pups head, Inuyasha shivered remembering what happened.

“Sesshomaru…I don’t want to be that person…too mean and scary.”

“I will have to figure out what cause you to change.”

“Demon blood ran through his veins. Self defense.”

“Though he is just a pup, why would the demon blood kick in all of sudden?”

“That we don’t know. I do not know, Sesshomaru.”

“We shall start training the pup sooner than expected. If the demon does come back, I don’t want him hurting the ones he love. Especially his mother.” Truth be told, he was growing rather fond of the miko being around his brother. Than again he couldn’t stop thinking about her, she was a strange creature.

“Sesshomaru can you tell me about father?” he asked, wanting to change the subject. Sesshomaru looked down at the pup, seeing his amber eyes sparkling.

“You were already told this in your lessons-”

“I mean in your point of view…I never knew father like you did. You were lucky to even speak to him.” The feeling the pup was having was causing Sesshomaru to not talk about. He never like this father, at times he did, but before he mated with a human that changed. The last thing he could remember his father said to him, it was still fresh in his mind, closing his eyes, he whispered.

“Do you have someone to protect…”

“Huh?” he wondered, before the lord opened his eyes.

“That was the last thing, father said to me.”
Something Different - pt 6


Hope you Enjoy!~
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
A few days it took for them to hit the palace, Kagome looked down at the pup who was chasing a butterfly in front of the lord. Sesshomaru was starting to enjoy the pup being around him. He would give a small smile to the pup when he wasn’t looking, the same for the miko. Inuyasha stopped chasing the butterfly seeing the huge palace that would be his home.

"Whoa, its huge! Big brother.” Sesshomaru nodded to him, clear the guards away from the gate, they bowed to the their lord and the prince. Kagome followed passed them, giving her dirty looks. She growled at them, causing them to growl back at her.

“Respect, wench.” they spoke. Kagome clinched her fist, before shooting some of her miko powers at both the guards.

“Watch what you say around me, I’m the pups adopted mother.” Turning herself around, Sesshomaru looked back at the guards, seeing them burning and hurting. Overhearing them, he couldn’t help himself, but smirk to himself. Kagome walked passed him, seeing the pup jumping in her arms.

“Mother!” he cheered. Kagome held onto him tightly, kissing his forehead. She began following Sesshomaru, seeing other demons look at her. Glaring their eyes at her, Kagome glared right back at them, yet keeping her mask on.

“Lord Sesshomaru, welcome back.” The lord looked down at the imp, bowing at him. Jaken lower himself back up, seeing the human and what appears to be was the prince. “Is this the pup?” he asked. Sesshomaru nodded to him,

“Take them to his room, and give the miko her own.” He walked away from them, Jaken watched as his master left him, before looking over at the human and the pup.

“Follow me.” they both nodded. With Kagome carrying Inuyasha, she followed the imp down a few halls. Whispers, she heard clearly using her demonic hearing, she heard the demoness talking,

“Why in the world, would the lord bring a human to his home?”

“Must be a concubine.”

“And that pup, he’s a hanyou.”

“He’s the half brother to the lord. You know very well that we have to be nice to him.”

“I don’t like the smell of him, disgusting pup.” Kagome silently growled at them, she hated it already being here. The maids, the demoness already making rumors about her and also curious of the pup. Jaken was the one concern on why the lord would bring a human, yet he never said anything. Walking up to a room, he opened the door, seeing a futon already made, a few toys for the pup and a balcony for the pup to see the outside world. Inuyasha eyes widen, yet cling onto her mothers kimono.

“This is the prince’s room, he shall stay here.” he spoke, Kagome walked into the bedroom, kneeling down on the floorboard, she started undressing the pup letting his kimono on the side. Seeing his under layer on, Inuyasha crawled himself into bed, letting his mother tucked him in. Kagome rubbed behind his ears, hearing a small purr, before a yawn came to him. Leaning down and kissing the pup on the forehead, she smiled at him, caressing his face.

“Sleep tight, pup.” Hearing him sleeping, she stood up walking away from the room. Shutting the door, Jaken began leading the way to her room, she kept thinking about tomorrow, her heat would come. How was she suppose to tell Sesshomaru something about this? She looked down at the imp still following him.

“I need to speak to Sesshomaru.”

“You will have to wait, wench.” Kagome glared down at the imp,

“Calm yourself.”

“I hate being treated like I am some slut.”

“Its an emergency.” the imp turned to her, he went to strike the woman with his staff, but before he could do that. Kagome looked down at the imp, his face was on the ground and a foot was on top of his head. Looking up she saw the lord in front of her.

“Jaken, she is not to be harm. Understand me?” his cold voice, sending shivers down the imp’s spine. Mumbling was heard, but Sesshomaru knew what he was saying, looking over at the miko, he sense she wanted something from him. “Come.” he told her, before kicking the imp to the side with his foot. Kagome followed him, yet hearing another voice coming from the lord. “Say anything to the pup, I will have to kill you.” That made Jaken scared as he bowed and ran from him. Kagome could see a sense of humor that lord had with the imp, she chuckled to herself. Sesshomaru heard her, before reaching to her room.


“This is your room, its right next to mine.” looking up at the door, she saw the one right next to hers, the crescent moon mark the door. He opened the door, letting her take a look, the futon was small, but just average. She had a window, easy for her to leave on a quick escape, a closet and a doorway. She wondered, before seeing some steam coming from it.

“Personal hot spring?”

“It seems the lord is going all out for you.”

“You’re mistaken, he couldn’t.”

“Its beautiful Sesshomaru.”

“Hn.” Kagome thought for a second, before feeling a small nudge coming from her lord. Looking back it was his tail, pushing her to go in, Kagome stared into his amber ones, parting her lips.

“Sesshomaru, I need to leave for a few days.” Sesshomaru raised a small eyebrow at her, why would she want to leave already? Does she not want to see the pup anymore?

“State your reason, miko.”

“I have to take care off, it should only be a few days.” Sesshomaru now was a bit suspicious of the miko. He closed his eyes before reopening them at the human.

“Hn. You should be back in two days. The pup would be missing you.” he spoke, before walking away. Kagome didn’t know why, but before closing the her door she gave a smile to the lord.


She hated doing this to the pup, leaving him with the lord under his care. Kagome knew she could trust the Inu, he never hurt the pup, only protected him. The more the pup would spend time with his brother, the more he would grow accustom to him.

“No, Mother don’t leave me. You promised.” Inuyasha cling onto her kimono, tears were streaming down his face as she knew how heartbroken he was. Kagome rubbed his back trying her best to calm the pup down. Sesshomaru watched as the human removed herself from the pup. Inuyasha wipe some of his tears, saying goodbye to his mother.

“I will be back, two days. I promise.” with that she left the gates. Sesshomaru looked down at the pup, sniffling and smelling the salty tears down his face.

“Enough pup.”


“No, buts. You are a prince so start acting like one.” Sesshomaru turned himself around, letting his tail grab a hold of him. Inuyasha only nodded, not wanting to make his brother mad. Traveling down the halls, he moved to his study, letting go of him, he looked up seeing an old friend of his. The demon looked over at the lord, before looking down at the little prince.

“So its true than.”

“Indeed, Ryo you know what to do.” he nodded. Inuyasha didn’t know what was happening. Sesshomaru looked down at the pup, Inuyasha looked up at his brother.

“Pup, you will learn how to be a proper prince of the west. Ryo here is to show you, do not make a mistake.” Patting the pups head, Inuyasha gave him a smile. Sesshomaru left his study closing the door behind The demon in front of him was another Inu like his brother the only difference is he had one stripe on each side that was black, while his eyes mixed with gold and green. Black hair in a high ponytail, black haori and white hakama, a crest was in his shoulder, but it looked like a petal of a flower, but he didn’t know what it was.  Inuyasha sniffed the air before sitting on the ground, Ryo took a scroll from the table and started teaching the pup.


Night fell, Kagome was in her demon form, soaking herself in the cold icy stream. Her body was heating up fast, and she needed the feeling of herself releasing. Closing her eyes, she trailed her hand down towards her stomach, tickling down and started stroking her lips, inserting one. Kagome bit her lip and moan a little, rubbing her pearl with her other hand, letting the water make work on her, she started picturing someone.

“Why cant you just find a mate? You know you cant keep up with this.”

“You know the reason, in two days this should be over.”

“Until the next crescent moon, my dear.” Kagome growled to her beast, still forming the image in her head. Moaning a little, sliding her finger in and out of her core, she removed her hand away from her pearl and mounded her breast, pinching and pulling aching for someone to touch her. Biting her lip, she finally form the image in her mind. Long silver hair, crossing with her raven black ones, his body hovering over hers, lips attached to her skin, nipping and licking causing her to moan. His eyes were shut, still teasing the her, she cursed herself for thinking of such things.


“Cause you know you want him.”

“Not like this, I don’t know him. Its your fault!” adding another finger into her core, she moved a little faster than her normal speed. Back in her mind, she bit her lip, moaning against his lips. His eyes opened, amber clashed with her blue ones, his hands roaming against her body, trailing his claws under her chin. A crescent moon on his forehead, magenta stripes both on each of his side, one on both his eye lids. His long white tail, wrapping around her body, Kagome couldn’t seem to take it.

“You want him, you need him.”

“Shut up, beast! I wont take him. Never!” Grabbing her other breast doing the same thing, she used her thumb rubbing over her pearl, sending pleasure to herself. She felt a knot forming in her stomach, causing her to scream in pleasure, his name slip from her tired lips.



Two days passed, Kagome felt guilty for what she was feeling for the lord, imagining him touching her, were thoughts she didn’t want to have. Sure he was handsome, a god, anything that made him so beautiful in her eyes. She growled at her beast every time she would discuss her events of imagining the lord of the west in her eyes. Kagome just shrugged it off, more importantly she wanted to see her pup.

“Hope he is doing okay.” reaching to the gates, her human form on. The guards bowed to her, Kagome was liking this since the first day was rough for her. Heading inside the palace, growling was all she heard, turning her head to the side she saw one of the maids giving her a hard time.

“A concubine? I thought the lord had better tasted.” Kagome was seriously going to murder this demon is she kept her mouth running. Knowing her, she wasn’t going to stand for it.

“You don’t know me, I am not sleeping with the lord. I am only here, because the pup needs me.” Shooting a few miko powers at the demoness, she winced in pain. Kagome left the demoness.


“Bitch.” the remark was something she would never do, but times like this she wasn’t going to let anyone tell her she wasn’t. Hearing whimpering across the hall, Kagome smelled the scent of her pup. Calming her beast down, she ran to the door, opening it. Kagome froze herself. There standing in the doorway, was Sesshomaru wrapping the pups arms.

“What did you do?!” her anger came to her, staying down at the pup. Tears were stained on the pups face, looking at his mother he gave her a warm smile.

“Big brother didn’t do anything. Master Jaken was only saving me from the demons when I was playing in the garden. He accidentally burned my arm, big brother is wrapping it for me.” Kagome looked at the lord, seeing if this was true.

“This true, Sesshomaru?”

“The imp was doing what I ask. The pup will defend for himself soon, since he is unable to take care of himself.” the coldness made her blood boil.

“What’s that’s suppose to mean, Sesshomaru! He is just a pup.”

“And he should know that the barrier will not always save him. He needs to use his abilities that he was born with. Pup or not, he is a hanyou.” Inuyasha stared at his brother, clinging onto his haori. Sesshomaru looked back at the pup, giving him a secret small smile, telling him it was alright and it wasn’t his fault.

“At least I am here now. So I will leave.” Kagome moved the lord out of the way, picking up the pup in her arms and leaving the room. Sesshomaru would have a talk to her later on this issue.

“If only she knew, you were just protecting him.”

“A miko will never understand us. For she is human, nothing more.”

“That’s why I want her, she needs us.”

“You must be confused, beast.”


As nighttime came around, Kagome put her pup to sleep, shutting the door behind her. She felt someone was behind her, when she was pulled away from the door and slammed against the wall. Her body was being pressed against the wall, Kagome looked at who it was, his scent was intoxicating, she didn’t know why she didn’t smell him.

“Never do that again.”

“What from what I said. Do you honestly think, I would let you boss around the pup. He is just a pup, let him enjoy his younger years.”

“The pup will be a danger to this Sesshomaru. At least let him learn.” He growled at her, snapping his jaw at her. Kagome wasn’t going to listen to him. “Do not break your promise, miko.” she remembered that.

“So you do care it seems. I was right.” was his heart melting for the pup? Was it something that made him want to protect him, even if it means fighting. She looked up at the lord, he let go of her, before lifting her chin up. Gazing over his amber eyes over her blue one, she was incredible to him. Standing up for what was right, even in a second he could kill her, she always was one step ahead of him. He leaned in a bit, Kagome eyes widen a bit, his body pressing her closing as her breasts rubbed against his chest. Brushing part of her lips, he stopped himself, moving his head to the side of her head, he whispered to her.

“Never under estimate this Sesshomaru, miko.” his hot breath tickling against her ear, sent shivers down her spine. Sesshomaru curled his lip, before moving away from her, looking down at the miko, he let go of her chin. “Make no mistake of that.” turning his tail on her, out from the corner of his eye, she slid down against the wall. This feeling she was having inside, caused her to make her wonder of the lord even more.

“You want him, Kagome.”

“I will never.”

“Than why think of such thoughts?” Kagome covered her face with her hands, letting her emotions get to her, she was slipping her human disguise. The thoughts, the movement, why was it causing to her change. Pulling her head back up, she quickly revered back to her human form. She breath in and out, before standing up and walking away from the pups room. Kagome had to figure out the lord, better yet help herself from falling for the lord.

“I cant. I wont allow it.”

“If you do, than you wont be afraid anymore.”

“I have to, he cant know I am the Princess of the Eastern lands. If he did, I would run…” she closed her eyes, opening the door she trailed her hands to her chest, while closing the door from behind.  Removing her kimono, bared in her form, she wrapped her hands around her body. The feelings she’s gotten wasn’t right to, was it her beast doing this or her. Walking over to the closet, she pulled out her sleeping yukata, wrapping it around herself, she moved the blankets over, snuggling herself underneath. Staring outside, seeing the moon becoming soon to be a new moon. She closed her eyes, cursing herself if she dreamt of him,

“Sesshomaru..” she mumbled in her sleep.


Standing outside the balcony, he looked up to the sky, the moon almost new. Sesshomaru was indeed worried for the pup, he knew his hanyou appearance would make him human for one night. This would be the first of not having his real mother to comfort him, while changing. For such a young pup, he would feel the amount of pain he would be in. Sesshomaru would have to teach the pup to handle it well. Tomorrow he would have to see.

“You have to be there for the pup, when he transform.”

“For once, I agree with you.”  closing his eyes, he could hear a faint whisper of his name. Sesshomaru moved away from the balcony, heading to the other door, he opened it seeing the human sleeping. He smelled the air, seeing no trouble at all, still he heard his name again.


“’I’ What!” he never had to get curious until now. Sesshomaru waited for an answer, finding it hard to see she would finished it. He turned away, shutting the door on his way out. Heading over to his bed, he pulled the covers over and sliding himself inside. Laying his head against the pillow, he closed his eyes, thinking of the miko next door.

“Why her?”
Something Different - pt 5


Hope you Enjoy!~
With the pup sleeping again, Sesshomaru let him sleep on his tail, once more. Kagome watched the pup carefully the young lord didn’t do anything to the pup, yet. She wanted to be with the pup, but with this weather, it was getting cold. She knew in a few days she had to leave them for a bit. The crescent moon was coming up, her heat cycle was coming up and she didn’t want the demon to know her true identity, still leaving the pup with him. She was afraid for once in her life. Holding herself together, she kept her head down, not even looking at the Inu. Sesshomaru noticed the human shaking, he watched her, so curious yet not really caring.

“Come here.” he ordered. Kagome looked up at the Inus eyes, those amber eyes staring into her blue orbs. In truth, he was beautiful in her eyes, strong, yet deadly at the same time. The fire in-between them, the flames dancing against each other. Kagome didn’t want to leave in the comfy spot on her side of the cave.

“No.” saying no to a demon meant deadly. Yet when she said that Sesshomaru looked into the fire.

“I need you to stay with the pup.” Kagome nodded to him. She began getting up and walking over to him. Sesshomaru gently picked up the pup, still sleeping he gave the pup to the miko. Kagome held him in her arms, sliding down against the wall. The pup laying on her chest, she felt something covering the both of them. Kagome looked up seeing the lord, he wasn’t his haori, she felt warm when it was on them. A certain scent filled her nose, spice and something else, but she couldn’t describe it. Watching him leave the cave, she spoke up,

“Why?” she asked. Sesshomaru stopped himself, he turned his head back to her, sending her mix signals.

“You think, I don’t care for the pup?” that question went to her head. Why was he asking her this? Wasn’t it him that wanted the pup, because of some law?

“I know you cant, your pride is already ruin, because of this pup.” those words hurt the lord. Yet he tried to calm himself down, knowing her, she was pushing it.


“Tell me something, Sesshomaru? Why now? You had three years since this pup been born and yet all of a sudden you want him to live with you in the West. I find that hard to believe that you care for him. Not only that you hate him, because he is different from you.” Sesshomaru looked forward seeing the trees leaning against one another, wind was picking up as the rain came down still.

“I have my reasons, miko.” with that being said, the young lord left. He needed to get away, let his mind calm. His beast found this amusing, clearly he was starting to take a liking to her, yet he knew his master would no approve with a human being his mate. Yes, that’s what he wants.

“Sesshomaru, I have grown fond of the miko. She is beautiful, powerful, and caring to your little brother. I want her as a mate, we shall have her.” Sesshomaru growled at the beast inside of him. Transforming himself into his true form, the whiteness of the fur shining against the half moon in the sky. He ran not to far from the cave, smelling the air close by, he found what he was looking for.

“I will not take that miko as a mate. This Sesshomaru will not and I repeat will not be like my father.” transforming himself back to his human form. Sesshomaru started to undress himself, the warmth from the spring ease his pain. Settling in, he leaned his back against the rock, trying to figure out the miko.

“Why do you think of her, Sesshomaru?” that was the thing, why did he? Anyone that fought with him, ended up dead. Claws would be filled with blood, tickling down to his arm, his victims pleading for their lives. Hearing them screaming in pain, he wanted that. Though this time, the pup was in the way.

“The miko is driving my patience. This Sesshomaru is the alpha and she needs to respect me, no matter what.”

“Lord or alpha she will never-”

“I will make her than.” He would, rubbing his hand over the once marks from the miko. Sesshomaru thought of someway for her to respect him, if she wouldn’t, he had his ways to do so.


The next morning came around, Sesshomaru stood above the miko, her eyes still closed, sleeping, while the pup was starting to wake up. Rubbing his eyes, he saw his mother still sleeping besides him. Looking the other way, he saw his big brother, sniffing the air he smelled something good.


“You will pup.” Sesshomaru spoke, handing the pup his food, Inuyasha just stared at it. “Something wrong?”

“No, its just…its not cook, big brother.” Sesshomaru was really getting tired of the pup calling him that.

“We Inus eat it raw, now eat it!” ordering the pup, Inuyasha was shaking a bit. Looking at his big brother seeing his eyes staring down at the pup, like he was about to kill someone. Inuyasha went back down staring at the fish in his hands. Without getting his brother mad, the pup started nibbling on it, it tasted weird to him. Taking it out of his mouth, Sesshomaru growled at the young pup. Disobeying was not Sesshomaru like, even if it was pup. “Eat it!”

“Cook it.” Sesshomaru still growled at the pup, sending shivers down the pups spine. Inuyasha didn’t like it at all stepping back from him. Sesshomaru reached out for the pup, the pups eyes widen, causing his barrier to come up. His hand was backfired, looking down the burn mark was there.

“Insolent pup!”

“Now, now you frighten him, Sesshomaru. Get him to know you will not hurt him.”

“Like this Sesshomaru should listen to you. Back in your cage beast!”

“Follow me.” he spoke. Inuyasha felt it was alright to him. Causing the barrier to fall down, he followed his brother to the fire pit, the flames were still burning. Sesshomaru kneeled down finding something the pup could use, picking up the stick and taking the fish from his brother. The Inu poke the fish through the stick and waved it over the fire. Inuyasha was curious seeing the fish being cook.

“Wow.” Sesshomaru didn’t look at the pup, he watched the fire cook the fish. He smelled the food, waiting to see what felt right for the pup. Inuyasha looked at his older brother, asking him something. “Big brother, why do you hate Mother?” Sesshomaru looked at the pup with the corner of his eye,

“I don’t hate her.”

“Was it me?”

“No pup.” Inuyasha went back to look at the fish Sesshomaru pulled the fish away from the fire, giving it to the pup. Inuyasha started eating it, licking his lips, he smiled up to his brother.

“Thank you, Sesshomaru.” Sesshomaru just mask himself, before nodding down at the pup. Letting the pup eat, he walked over to the miko who was starting to get up. She rubbed her eye for a minute, looking up at the lord. She remembered him giving her his haori, looking down seeing the fabric still against her body. She stood up, handing him the haori,

“Thank you.”

“Hn.” their he goes again. Kagome rolled her eyes at him, before looking over at the pup, he was eating which was a good thing. Brushing off her kimono she was wearing, she needed a bath. All her stuff was back at her hut, she looked at Sesshomaru.

“Can I go back to my hut for a minute?” Sesshomaru looked at her for a minute, before turning his gaze at the pup.

“Do as you wish.” Kagome nodded to him, walking over to the pup, who was still eating his fish. She rubbed behind the pups ear, making him giggle.

“That tickles, Mother.” she knew and gave him a smile.

“I will be back, Inuyasha.”

“Where are you going?” his face was sadden. Kagome leaned down and kiss the pup on his forehead.

“Some things to travel. Hey, when I come back how about we take a bath, sound like fun?” The pups eyes widen with joy.

“Bath time!” he giggle, making Kagome giggle as well.

“I wont be long.” she waved goodbye to her pup, before running out of the cave. Inuyasha looked at his brother than back at the entrance of the cave. The second she was gone, Sesshomaru smelt the aura again. Inuyasha dropped the stick on the ground and started digging the dirt on the ground, like the little pup he was and let the fire cool down. Sesshomaru frown at the way his brother was performing.

“Enough pup!” Inuyasha stopped himself. He padded his hands together getting the dirt off his hands. Sesshomaru reached his hand out to the pup, picking him up and letting him lay against his tail. “Hold on.” Inuyasha nodded, holding it tightly, Sesshomaru ran out of the cave, searching for the demon he sense last night.


With Kagome reaching to her hut, faster than she normally would  in her human disguise. Changing back to herself, she grabbed a small bag, placing in items she would need in her journey, she knew she would never come back to this hut. It was sadden though, unless she asked the lord if Inuyasha and her could come back to this place. For now it will be for anyone that would want to use it. Some soaps, two towels, a big blanket that was big enough to fit in her bag. She felt like she got everything she needed, yet one thing she knew she has to bring with her. Back in her room, she kneeled down on the floorboard, underneath her futon, she pushed it aside, breaking apart the two pieces of the wood. Sliding that over, she reached down grabbing the box, lifting it up to herself, she opened the lid. The gem shining against her eyes, remember that she would never look at it again. The bracelet that was left of her mothers, she would never want to leave alone. The gem swirled as blues and greens swirled, the family crescent was on it. She would have to hid it from the lord, putting the bracelet on. She saw it glowing around her, breathing in and out. She felt like someone was with her when placing the bracelet on. The light shine down, Kagome looked at it, acting like it was just a normal bracelet. Silver around the gem, chain yet it wasn’t, she placed the box back inside the hole, before moving her futon back where it was. Standing back up and picking up her bag, she decided to walk back. Times like this, she had to be careful, walking out of her hut, she was hit back. Looking up she saw the lord in front of her, Kagome grinned, pulling herself up.

“So what made you follow me, Sesshomaru?” smirking that question, Sesshomaru looked the other way. Inuyasha got down from his brother tail, running up to his mother.

“Bath time!” grabbing his mothers hand, he remembered where the hot spring was. Kagome looked back seeing the lord following them. Finally reaching their location, Inuyasha started to remove his kimono, placing that on the ground. He jumped into the water, splashing over the lord and Kagome. They both stared at the pup, finding him to giggle yet felt bad about it at the same time. “Sorry.” giving them his puppy dog eyes and lip, Kagome couldn’t stay upset with him, Sesshomaru wasn’t pleased.

“A pup never jumps in.” He spoke, making Kagome roll his eyes at him.

“He’s a pup, let him have some fun.” With Sesshomaru being all wet, he started to remove his haori, Kagome notice this as her face started to blush. “What are you doing?” freaking out a little, Sesshomaru placed his haori against the ground as he started to remove his cuirass and sword down.

“The pup will bath with me.” Inuyasha didn’t mind it, but he felt worry for his mother. Kagome nodded to him.

“The hot spring is split into two, so I will be on the other side.”

“Hn.” she moved over to the other side of the spring. She started removing her kimono, placing it down on the ground. Along with her undergarment, she sink into the warm water, relaxing herself. Once she did that, she grabbed soaps and two cloths heading over to the rocks, where the hot spring split. Placing it there for them to reach, she caught her eye on the Inu, her face grew red, just seeing him. Sesshomaru was already in the water, bit of his hair soak, his tone chest left no marking. This made her drool, yet slap herself at the same time, he was gorgeous. Looking back at her pup, she saw he was swimming in the hot spring instead of taking a bath. She found this cute, looking away, so that she didn’t see the lords face, she grabbed her shampoo. Pouring some on her hand, while setting the bottle down on the rock behind her, she rubbed her scalp over and over. Letting the soap reach each and everyone of her raven black hair. Dunking her head in the water, rinsing out the soap, she came back up, only hearing tiny voices from behind.

“Big brother, will I grow big and strong like you?” Kagome turned the corner of her eye looking at both the Inus. Sesshomaru was rubbing the pups hair, scratching behind his puppy ears. Inuyasha gave a small purr, making the Inu raise his eyebrow.

“With proper training, you will be pup.” its like watching two brothers getting along. Still she didn’t trust him, yet he has done nothing to hurt the pup.


“Hn.” Inuyasha dunked his head underwater, his hand rinsed the pups hair. Once he saw the pup got up, Sesshomaru moved his hand over to the soap on the other side. Taking it and the cloth, he rubbed the soap into the water and brought it back up so he can put the soap back on the rock. Coming back to the pup, he moved some of the pups hair out of the way. Inuyasha moved away from him. Sesshomaru wondered about the pup,

“No, please..” his voice, whimpered. The pup didn’t want to see his brother those scars. Sesshomaru placed his hand on the pups shoulders, making the pup look at him. The scent of tears caught the Inu.

“I wont hurt you.” He spoke calmly, Inuyasha bit his lip, before turning his back to him. Sesshomaru once again, moved the pup’s hair out of the way, he notice the scars on the pups back. Inside his beast was growling on who done this to the pup, himself he was angry about it. “Who did this?” he asked. Inuyasha bit his lip again, realizing this he felt his whole body being pulled out of the water. Inuyasha stared at the forest, he was shaking and wanted to run for his mother. Sesshomaru caught his hand, squeezing it, the scent of calm came to the pup. “Hold still.” Moving the pups silver hair out of the way, Sesshomaru started licking away the scars on the pups back. Kagome seemed to notice, but she knew what he was doing. Her father had the ability to remove anything, scars, wounds, cuts, anything that cause a mark. She didn’t have it, which made her upset at this. Sesshomaru kept licking the pups back, getting each scar that was on his back. Inuyasha didn’t like the feeling of his back being licked, but he trusted his brother. The Inu pulled away from the pup and picked the pup up once more setting him down in the water.

“What did you do big brother?” the pup asked. Sesshomaru grabbed the cloth that at some point placed on the rock. He moved the hair again and rubbed his back,

“Healed your wounds.”

“By licking my back?” Kagome chuckled silently, finding the pups questions a little amusing for the young lord. Sesshomaru turned the pup around, washing the pup face, Inuyasha closed his eyes. Sesshomaru could sense more questions coming from the pup, he knew this would happened, setting the cloth down on the rock. Sesshomaru cupped his hands in the water before splashing it on the pups face. Inuyasha rubbed his face for a minute, before seeing his brother handing him the cloth. Inuyasha took it, and started cleaning himself.

“My salvia has healing abilities.” he told the pup. Inuyasha gave the cloth back to his brother and dunk his body into the water. Squeezing out the water from the cloth, Sesshomaru set it to the side. Picking the pup back up and setting him on the ground, Sesshomaru turned his head back seeing the miko watching him. He smirk at her, causing her body to turned around and lower herself even further in the water.

“Its interesting that any female would want to look at you.”

“They find me beautiful and attracted. It cant be helped.”

“Still you couldn’t find the demon that has great power.”

“Yes, indeed. It seems to be only happening when the miko leaves us.”

“Do you still believe she is human?” when his beast asked this, Sesshomaru wasn’t quite sure. Getting out of the water never bothering with his beast, Sesshomaru helped the pup get dried using the towel that the miko brought over. Inuyasha giggled a it when his brother touched his puppy ears. Once he was done he dressed the pup, when he was done Inuyasha saw a pretty butterfly and chased after it. Sesshomaru stared to dry himself quickly and than dress himself, after while finally tying his sword to his belt. He turned his head, seeing the miko was already dressed. Kagome placed her items in the bag along with both towels, Sesshomaru caught something in his eye, the bracelet around her wrist was sparking against the sunlight. He didn’t bother wondering what it was. Kagome stopped herself seeing the necklace on the ground, picking it up she looked for the pup.

“Where he is?” she was panicking and worrying over the pup.

“He is fine.”

“No he isn’t, he’s suppose to have this on him. Demons or anyone could go after the pu-” She stopped when they heard a screaming. Sesshomaru knew what it was, he used his demonic speed finding his brother. Kagome ran after him, frustrated with herself, the pup should have been wearing this and now he was in danger. Sesshomaru found his brother being pinned against a tree, by a huge claw. Tears were coming down the pups face, trying to move away from the claw that attached him to the tree, the demon looked over at the lord, before licking his lips.

“Mine!” the demon roared at him, before leaning in closer to the pup, sniffing him. “Smells so good for a hanyou.” Inuyasha moved his head away from demons face, once the head was removed, Inuyasha bit the hand, the demon growled, ready to strike the pup, Sesshomaru rushed over to the pup, slicing the demons arm with his poison claws. The demon howled in pain. The pup fell on the ground, staring at his brother. Sesshomaru saw him, before speaking.

“Go, you’ll only be in my way.” Inuyasha nodded to him running, finding his mother. Kagome saw the pup, tears were brought to her eyes. Kneeling down to his level, she pulled him into a hug, she was scared anything could have happened to her pup Pulling away, she pulled out the necklace, placing it around his neck.

“Make sure you put this back on, when you are done taking a bath.” that was an order. Inuyasha understood, he only hopes his brother was okay. Kagome picked the pup up, heading the direction the pup came from.


“DIE!” with one flick of his wrist, sending out his poison whip, the demon was slit in half as his body was being pulled apart and laying dead on the ground.

“How dare he attack this pup.”

“Caring for the pup is good.” Sesshomaru nodded to himself, he looked down on his clothes, seeing if any of the blood from the demon was on him. Seeing non that was a good thing,

“Sesshomaru!” He turned his head, seeing the miko and the pup he noticed something sparkling against the pups chest.

“So that’s where the barrier comes in.” he thought to himself, seeing the miko by his side.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Hn.” Kagome was starting to understand him a bit, yet she still didn’t know what he said. Sesshomaru turned his head, heading west. Inuyasha looked at his mother, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Kagome followed the lord, before kissing the pups forehead.

“Mother, where is big brother taking us?” Kagome knew the answer.

Something Different - pt 4


Made this one longer.

Hope you Enjoy!~
It continued raining, Kagome stared outside the cave as she finished making a fire. Sesshomaru never moved from his spot. One being for the pup was still sleeping, the other was he watched her. She was an interesting female that he ever encounter, not only that she was a miko to him. Kagome saw he was watching her, she saw he was curious, but behind his mask. She kept her mind focusing on the pup. He was still wrapped around the Inus tail, she found it adorable the way he was sleeping. Kagome turned her head around facing the entrance of the cave, she would have to hunt for the pup, and in any consideration him as well. Slowly getting up, she began to walk out of the cave. Finding this easier than it was, she stopped, hearing the demon lord speak.

“Where do you think you are going, miko?” Kagome never faced him, she didn’t even want to look at the cold hearted being.

“Inuyasha would need some food, I promise him a piggy, before you came along and caused trouble.” She clinched her fist, keeping in her powers in tact. Sesshomaru looked down at the pup, still sleeping. He turned his gazed back to the miko, he saw her aura changing, he felt amused to this human.

“Stay with the pup.” he ordered. Kagome turned around to face the demon, she saw the look on his face, emotionless than ever. She glared at him,

“I don’t take orders from the likes of you!” her anger bitter her words. Sesshomaru glared right back at her. The demon wanted to slit her throat and let the blood ooze out of her neck. He would love to see it, yet in some way he promised the pup.

“Without her, the pup would hate me.”

“So you do find her intriguing, do you Sesshomaru?” Sesshomaru growled to his beast inside.

“No, she is his ‘Mother’; per say.” He watched her leave the safety of the cave. Sesshomaru closed his eyes, he smelled a demonic aura all of a sudden. He opened his eyes, not seeing anything, but feeling a demon that was so powerful. He would challenge that demon, Sesshomaru was about to get up, but felt a tug on his hakama. He looked down seeing the pup clinging to him in his sleep, mumbling.

“Stay…” He saw his puppy dog ears twitch, the demon would have to stay and find that demon some other time.

“Curse you half breed!”


Kagome transform herself, smelling and sniffing the air for the boar she would catch for her pup. Her beast kept arguing with her, how he would be a tribute to seeing Inuyasha happy that he has family. Kagome knew that the young lord was a cold hearted bastard and she would watch over the pup, carefully now. She knew the lord would never change, he hated humans and hanyou’s; they’re all the same to him. It wouldn’t matter to her, no, if anything happens to her pup. She would take him and leave, even if she would have to fight for the pup.

“If that does ever happen, you know he would win.”

“Some help you are, Sesshomaru isn’t the one for protecting the pup.”

“Yet he knows that the Inu law would make him accept the pup no matter what. The only reason he is here for the pup, is his honor. If he didn’t get the pup, his title would be tainted.”

“Like I even care for that bastard.”

“Why are you being so mean to the lord? You do not know him, and yet he only attacked you was, because you started using your miko powers on him. It was self-defense, nothing more.”

“He was going to take my pup away-”

“Kagome, you know very well that he isn’t your pup. He is only your adopted son, nothing more. Sesshomaru is all he has as family. Inuyasha only had his mother, but he never knew his father. All he knows from his real mother that his father died, protecting him and his mate. Should you be so ruthless than so be it, I only tell you what is right.”

“You sound more like my father…” She stopped herself, eying the boar that was only a few meters away from her. Kagome grinned, before twitching her claws, seeing the pink glow around her fingertips. Eyes went red, she started running, using her speed, she pounce on the boar, before swiping her claws at the innocent creature. Blood tickling down her fingers, her eyes change back to her blue ones and staring down at now the dead creature.

“The pup will love this.”  Smiling proudly to her handiwork. She picked it up and used her demonic speed heading back to the cave. Once she arrived at the cave, seeing the light flicker inside, she closed her eyes and changed back to her human disguise. Picking up the dead boar by her side, using some strength she had left in her and walked inside the cave. She saw Sesshomaru stare back at her, finding it weird that she was able to kill the boar. Dropping it down on his feet, Kagome crossed her arms staring down at the demon.


“Hn.” Sesshomaru felt movement from his tail, hearing a tiny yawn coming from down below. Kagome smiled down at her pup, while he rubbed his eyes and smiled back at her.

“Mother!” getting up from the warmth of the demons tail. Inuyasha ran to her, Kagome picked the pup up in her arms. Resting him by her hip, she poke his tiny nose, before nuzzling against it with her nose.

“How was your nap?” she asked.

“Wonderful, big brother’s tail is so warm and fuzzy.” She saw the demons glaring at the pup, she stuck her tongue at the lord, walking away to her side of the cave. Sesshomaru wondered to himself, on how he was letting a human control him, the daiyouki of all things. Looking at the dead animal that was in front of him. Something was off about the dead creature, he smelled another scent on it. The same one he smelled early when the miko left, looking over at the human, he watched her.

“Sesshomaru, is the miko is the demonic aura we felt earlier?”

“No, she cannot be. She is only a human.” reaching out, he swipe his claws, sending layers into the fire. Kagome notice this with a smirk on her face, Inuyasha’s eyes widen seeing the pretty colors of the fire changing each other. He smelled the meat cooking, his mouth water. Licking his lips, he moved away from his mother and reached out for the pig.

“Inuyasha don’t!” he brought his hand back. Kagome moved up to him, kneeling down and checking his hand. Inuyasha watched her kiss his hand, before smiling down at him. “The fire will hurt you. I know you must be hungry.” he nodded to her, giving his mother a smile.

“Listen next time, pup. I wont see another mistake from you.” his cold voice sent shivers down the pups spine. Kagome glared at the lord, Sesshomaru trailed his eyes aiming for her blue ones. Staring at each other, they both felt a spark between them,

“Listen, you-”

“I watch what you say, miko.” he silently growled at her, before standing up and leaving the cave.

“And just where do you think your going?” Sesshomaru didn’t say a word, but he kept walking out of the cave, letting the rain hit against him.

“What’s wrong with big brother?” Inuyasha asked, giving her his adorable puppy eyes. Kagome looked down at the pup, his expression of curiosity and worry. She rubbed behind his puppy ears, causing him to giggle with excitement.

“Nothing, he’s just…” staring back at the cave entrance. He stood out there, she wondered why would be stand out there. “Mysterious.” dropping the subject, she reached for the meat, examining it she blew on the meat, letting it cool down. The pups eyes widen, taking it from his mother he started eating it. “You like it?”

“Mhm, big brother did a good job, slicing and cooking it.” Kagome put her mask on, letting the pup eat.

“He is still clueless on what Sesshomaru does for him. I cannot understand how he could hate a pup. Nevertheless his own brother.”

“From looking at Sesshomaru it seems theirs a story that we don’t know about.”  Kagome stared down at the pup for a minute, she patted his head letting him eat. She stood up heading to the entrance, Sesshomaru noticed her from behind. Outside letting the rain hit against her body, she stood next to him. Her scent was interesting to the daiyouki, he closed his eyes, before opening them. Seeing the forest growing dark, minute by minute.

“Sesshomaru are you coming to eat with us?” she asked. Kagome wanted to at least try and get along with him, for Inuyasha’s sac.

“Hn.” Kagome was getting furious at him.

“That cant be your answer every time, Sesshomaru!” She was getting on his nerves, one flick and its all over.

“Hn.” letting her miko powers come to her fingers, she poke at him. She knew she was getting herself into this, but she wouldn’t stand it no more.

“At least show something, say something!” her eyes widen, when she was pushed back against a tree, his body pressing to hers. His claw hand, wrapped around her neck, she didn’t say anything, she wasn’t afraid of this demon. Sesshomaru’s eyes bleed red, jagged marks showed replacing his stripes, he started snapping his jaw at her making her frighten.

“This Sesshomaru doesn’t need you!”

“Inuyasha does, so your stuck with me.”  gripping her neck, tightly Kagome couldn’t breath. Grabbing his arm, digging her nails into his skin, caused him to let go. Looking down at her marks on him, he let himself heal quickly. Glaring down at the human, Sesshomaru was impressed.

“If the pup didn’t need you, I would have killed you.”

“Than why don’t you?” Sesshomaru changed his eye color back to his amber eyes. He thought about this, he knew his reasons and so did his beast. Kagome watched him, figuring out what to say. “My point exactly.” she moved aside him heading back to the cave, but what stopped her was his hand on her wrist, not letting go.

“Learn your place, miko.” she stared at him, seeing his mask slip bit by bit.

“Fine.” he let go of her and headed back inside the cave. Sesshomaru looked up at the sky, rain drops hitting against his face, easing himself. The miko did wonders to him that no one else could do.

“Just who is she?”
Something Different - pt 3


Hope you Enjoy!~
Been very very busy lately and well, I have some things to get off my chest. If you are waiting for another chapter of something dfferent you will have to go in my fanfiction site and read the chapter. Its being a pain in the but and I rather have it on one page than the next. So if u want go to Romanox123 and you can see the latest uploads of chapters, so far up to 19.

Further more I do not know when I will be back, but I planed on finishing Time changes from Hiccup and also other things.

Again very sorry you all must hate me at this point.
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