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It continued raining, Kagome stared outside the cave as she finished making a fire. Sesshomaru never moved from his spot. One being for the pup was still sleeping, the other was he watched her. She was an interesting female that he ever encounter, not only that she was a miko to him. Kagome saw he was watching her, she saw he was curious, but behind his mask. She kept her mind focusing on the pup. He was still wrapped around the Inus tail, she found it adorable the way he was sleeping. Kagome turned her head around facing the entrance of the cave, she would have to hunt for the pup, and in any consideration him as well. Slowly getting up, she began to walk out of the cave. Finding this easier than it was, she stopped, hearing the demon lord speak.

“Where do you think you are going, miko?” Kagome never faced him, she didn’t even want to look at the cold hearted being.

“Inuyasha would need some food, I promise him a piggy, before you came along and caused trouble.” She clinched her fist, keeping in her powers in tact. Sesshomaru looked down at the pup, still sleeping. He turned his gazed back to the miko, he saw her aura changing, he felt amused to this human.

“Stay with the pup.” he ordered. Kagome turned around to face the demon, she saw the look on his face, emotionless than ever. She glared at him,

“I don’t take orders from the likes of you!” her anger bitter her words. Sesshomaru glared right back at her. The demon wanted to slit her throat and let the blood ooze out of her neck. He would love to see it, yet in some way he promised the pup.

“Without her, the pup would hate me.”

“So you do find her intriguing, do you Sesshomaru?” Sesshomaru growled to his beast inside.

“No, she is his ‘Mother’; per say.” He watched her leave the safety of the cave. Sesshomaru closed his eyes, he smelled a demonic aura all of a sudden. He opened his eyes, not seeing anything, but feeling a demon that was so powerful. He would challenge that demon, Sesshomaru was about to get up, but felt a tug on his hakama. He looked down seeing the pup clinging to him in his sleep, mumbling.

“Stay…” He saw his puppy dog ears twitch, the demon would have to stay and find that demon some other time.

“Curse you half breed!”


Kagome transform herself, smelling and sniffing the air for the boar she would catch for her pup. Her beast kept arguing with her, how he would be a tribute to seeing Inuyasha happy that he has family. Kagome knew that the young lord was a cold hearted bastard and she would watch over the pup, carefully now. She knew the lord would never change, he hated humans and hanyou’s; they’re all the same to him. It wouldn’t matter to her, no, if anything happens to her pup. She would take him and leave, even if she would have to fight for the pup.

“If that does ever happen, you know he would win.”

“Some help you are, Sesshomaru isn’t the one for protecting the pup.”

“Yet he knows that the Inu law would make him accept the pup no matter what. The only reason he is here for the pup, is his honor. If he didn’t get the pup, his title would be tainted.”

“Like I even care for that bastard.”

“Why are you being so mean to the lord? You do not know him, and yet he only attacked you was, because you started using your miko powers on him. It was self-defense, nothing more.”

“He was going to take my pup away-”

“Kagome, you know very well that he isn’t your pup. He is only your adopted son, nothing more. Sesshomaru is all he has as family. Inuyasha only had his mother, but he never knew his father. All he knows from his real mother that his father died, protecting him and his mate. Should you be so ruthless than so be it, I only tell you what is right.”

“You sound more like my father…” She stopped herself, eying the boar that was only a few meters away from her. Kagome grinned, before twitching her claws, seeing the pink glow around her fingertips. Eyes went red, she started running, using her speed, she pounce on the boar, before swiping her claws at the innocent creature. Blood tickling down her fingers, her eyes change back to her blue ones and staring down at now the dead creature.

“The pup will love this.”  Smiling proudly to her handiwork. She picked it up and used her demonic speed heading back to the cave. Once she arrived at the cave, seeing the light flicker inside, she closed her eyes and changed back to her human disguise. Picking up the dead boar by her side, using some strength she had left in her and walked inside the cave. She saw Sesshomaru stare back at her, finding it weird that she was able to kill the boar. Dropping it down on his feet, Kagome crossed her arms staring down at the demon.


“Hn.” Sesshomaru felt movement from his tail, hearing a tiny yawn coming from down below. Kagome smiled down at her pup, while he rubbed his eyes and smiled back at her.

“Mother!” getting up from the warmth of the demons tail. Inuyasha ran to her, Kagome picked the pup up in her arms. Resting him by her hip, she poke his tiny nose, before nuzzling against it with her nose.

“How was your nap?” she asked.

“Wonderful, big brother’s tail is so warm and fuzzy.” She saw the demons glaring at the pup, she stuck her tongue at the lord, walking away to her side of the cave. Sesshomaru wondered to himself, on how he was letting a human control him, the daiyouki of all things. Looking at the dead animal that was in front of him. Something was off about the dead creature, he smelled another scent on it. The same one he smelled early when the miko left, looking over at the human, he watched her.

“Sesshomaru, is the miko is the demonic aura we felt earlier?”

“No, she cannot be. She is only a human.” reaching out, he swipe his claws, sending layers into the fire. Kagome notice this with a smirk on her face, Inuyasha’s eyes widen seeing the pretty colors of the fire changing each other. He smelled the meat cooking, his mouth water. Licking his lips, he moved away from his mother and reached out for the pig.

“Inuyasha don’t!” he brought his hand back. Kagome moved up to him, kneeling down and checking his hand. Inuyasha watched her kiss his hand, before smiling down at him. “The fire will hurt you. I know you must be hungry.” he nodded to her, giving his mother a smile.

“Listen next time, pup. I wont see another mistake from you.” his cold voice sent shivers down the pups spine. Kagome glared at the lord, Sesshomaru trailed his eyes aiming for her blue ones. Staring at each other, they both felt a spark between them,

“Listen, you-”

“I watch what you say, miko.” he silently growled at her, before standing up and leaving the cave.

“And just where do you think your going?” Sesshomaru didn’t say a word, but he kept walking out of the cave, letting the rain hit against him.

“What’s wrong with big brother?” Inuyasha asked, giving her his adorable puppy eyes. Kagome looked down at the pup, his expression of curiosity and worry. She rubbed behind his puppy ears, causing him to giggle with excitement.

“Nothing, he’s just…” staring back at the cave entrance. He stood out there, she wondered why would be stand out there. “Mysterious.” dropping the subject, she reached for the meat, examining it she blew on the meat, letting it cool down. The pups eyes widen, taking it from his mother he started eating it. “You like it?”

“Mhm, big brother did a good job, slicing and cooking it.” Kagome put her mask on, letting the pup eat.

“He is still clueless on what Sesshomaru does for him. I cannot understand how he could hate a pup. Nevertheless his own brother.”

“From looking at Sesshomaru it seems theirs a story that we don’t know about.”  Kagome stared down at the pup for a minute, she patted his head letting him eat. She stood up heading to the entrance, Sesshomaru noticed her from behind. Outside letting the rain hit against her body, she stood next to him. Her scent was interesting to the daiyouki, he closed his eyes, before opening them. Seeing the forest growing dark, minute by minute.

“Sesshomaru are you coming to eat with us?” she asked. Kagome wanted to at least try and get along with him, for Inuyasha’s sac.

“Hn.” Kagome was getting furious at him.

“That cant be your answer every time, Sesshomaru!” She was getting on his nerves, one flick and its all over.

“Hn.” letting her miko powers come to her fingers, she poke at him. She knew she was getting herself into this, but she wouldn’t stand it no more.

“At least show something, say something!” her eyes widen, when she was pushed back against a tree, his body pressing to hers. His claw hand, wrapped around her neck, she didn’t say anything, she wasn’t afraid of this demon. Sesshomaru’s eyes bleed red, jagged marks showed replacing his stripes, he started snapping his jaw at her making her frighten.

“This Sesshomaru doesn’t need you!”

“Inuyasha does, so your stuck with me.”  gripping her neck, tightly Kagome couldn’t breath. Grabbing his arm, digging her nails into his skin, caused him to let go. Looking down at her marks on him, he let himself heal quickly. Glaring down at the human, Sesshomaru was impressed.

“If the pup didn’t need you, I would have killed you.”

“Than why don’t you?” Sesshomaru changed his eye color back to his amber eyes. He thought about this, he knew his reasons and so did his beast. Kagome watched him, figuring out what to say. “My point exactly.” she moved aside him heading back to the cave, but what stopped her was his hand on her wrist, not letting go.

“Learn your place, miko.” she stared at him, seeing his mask slip bit by bit.

“Fine.” he let go of her and headed back inside the cave. Sesshomaru looked up at the sky, rain drops hitting against his face, easing himself. The miko did wonders to him that no one else could do.

“Just who is she?”
Something Different - pt 3


Hope you Enjoy!~
As the sun rose up, Kagome felt something besides her, slowly opening her eyes, she looked down seeing the pup sleeping besides her. He was wearing his red kimono, she was surprise he was able to get it on himself from the height it was drying. He was beautiful in her eyes, his soft features the innocence anything that a pup was. She slowly moved her hand, brushing his bangs out of the way. Inuyasha stir in his sleep mumbling.

“Mother..” Kagome eyes widen a bit, biting her lip she moved her hand away from him.

“He must really miss his mother.”

“You feel the same as the pup.” Kagome ignored her beast, before moving away from the pup. She felt a tiny hand against her kimono, she looked over at the pup. His amber eyes gazed at her blue ones, she saw tears in his eyes.

“Inuyash-” she stopped when he clung onto her kimono, she smelled the salty tears dripping down his face.

“Don’t leave me…” she wrapped her hand around his small figure, pulling him up against her chest. She lifted him up from the bed and walked over to the table.

“I will never leave you, Inuyasha.” she promised him. Inuyasha looked at her, before wiping his tears away.

“I got scared…” he mumbled, but she heard him.

“I know you are.” she hugged him close, before setting him down on the ground. “I have something for you.” Inuyasha was a bit curious, his ears pinned up with excitement. His eyes sparkled wondering what it was.

“What is it, What is it?!!” he jumped up and down with excitement. Kagome smiled to herself, she opened the box, pulling out the object. Inuyasha tilted his head to the side, he didn’t know what it was. Kagome kneeled down to him, whispering something in the object, he saw the spark glowing pink. He blinked his eyes a few times, before the light went away. Kagome placed it around his neck, pulling most of his silver hair out. Inuyasha touch it, seeing it reflect in his amber eyes.

“It is a magical necklace. It can create a small barrier if anything happens to you.” The necklace was passed down to her family for generations, the only difference is she added her miko powers into it, to protect the pup if she wasn’t there with him. Inuyasha smiled at her, giving her a hug against her leg. Kagome patted his head as he removed himself from her. The silver necklace matching his hair, really brought his eyes out. She started walking out of the room and grabbed a few things from her closet. A few towels, some soap anything she need for a bath. Inuyasha followed her wondering what she was doing.

“Inuyasha its time for a bath.” Those words trigger him, causing him to run from her. “Inuyasha come back!” she ran after him. Exiting outside she saw he was high above the tree. Kagome walked up to him, setting the things on the ground. She looked up at him and crossed her arms, who the knew the pup didn’t want a bath. All pups love taking baths.

“I don’t wanna a bath...its itchy.” she shook her head, thinking of a plan to make him come down from the tree.

“If you take a bath, I can hunt something for you.” Inuyasha looked down at her, he really wanted something else than fish.


“Is that what you want?” she asked. She saw he was debating on what he wanted.

“Will you be there to help me?”  he asked. She gave him a smile, letting him know that she was going to be there. Inuyasha climbed down from the tree, before jumping off. Kagome freaked out, catching him they both fell on the ground.

“Never do that again, you scared me.” Kagome spoke. Inuyasha was a bit sad, but she gave him a smile, causing him to smile back at her. Kagome got up from her spot, helping the pup up, she grabbed her things and started walking over to her private hot spring. The pup followed her, while clinging his hand onto hers. She looked around, if anything was coming, demonic auras, humans anything that she can sense. Inuyasha was a bit frighten, but Kagome was their for him. He looked ahead, seeing steam coming from the ground, he didn’t know what it was, but when he rushed ahead, he kneeled down on the ground, setting his hand in the water, it wasn’t hot nor cold, it was warm. He seemed to like it, Kagome started to remove her kimono leaving the under layer on. Inuyasha tried to remove his kimono, but Kagome kneeled down to him and started taking it off. She started to remove the rest of his clothes and set him down in the warm water. Inuyasha was freaking out, but when Kagome saw this she climbed into the water. Holding on to him, he looked in the water proving himself he could handle it.

“What is this place?” he asked, looking up at her.

“It is a hot spring, its way better than the stream. I come here everyday to ease my muscles and all sorts.” Inuyasha seemed to like it, he could get use to this. When he face her, he was blushing that the fact that her breast were near his face. Kagome couldn’t help herself for giggling, she let of him, seeing if he could stand or float. Inuyasha felt his feet hit the bottom if the water, he notice the water only covered up to his waist. Kagome grabbed a bottle of shampoo, pouring some of it on her hand. Once she finished it, she set the bottle down besides her and rubbed her hands together and started rubbed his hair. Inuyasha purred under her touch, relaxing him, she lathered the soap in his silky hair, so soft. Inuyasha knew what was coming next, he dunked his head underwater, having Kagome scrubbed all the soap out of his hair. Once completed, he came back up, giggling.

“That feels nice.” he gave an opened mouth smile, she could see his tiny fangs growing. From the looks of it, he could be three years old.

“How old are you?” she wondered. Inuyasha looked down on his fingers, counting. It was cute and adorable to watch him. By the time he found how old he was, he smiled at her showing her three fingers.


“How cute.”  Kagome brought a small cloth, pouring another soap onto it. Setting the bottle down, she rubbed the cloth in the water and lifted it back up, seeing it all soapy. “I’ll do your back while you clean yourself.” he nodded. Turning his back to her, she lifted his long silver hair out of the way, her eyes widen. So many tiny marks on his back, she grew angry for touching this innocent pup. Inuyasha forgot about that, he didn’t want to remember those painful times when his mother was still around.

“I’m use to it..”

“No, no one should do this to a pup.”  She rubbed the cloth over the skin of his back. He never flinched, but he calm himself. Kagome finished what she was doing and handed him the cloth. Inuyasha started cleaning himself. Kagome needed a bath so badly, but she would never undress in front of the pup. The pup looked at her giving the cloth back, Kagome set it aside on the rock behind her. “Now, you can get change. I should be done soon.” she lifted him out of the water, setting him down on the ground. Inuyasha looked away, giving the woman some privacy. He picked up the towel that was next to his clothes, drying himself off. Once done, he started changing into his kimono and hakama. Kagome closed her eyes, before doing what she needed to do.


Inuyasha seemed to enjoyed bath time, he would considered doing it every day as long as she was with him. Heading back inside the hut, Kagome caught a few fish for him, until dinner time came around. Inuyasha wanted a piggy, but Kagome said he would get one for dinner. Kagome started to build a small fire with what wood she had left over. As the hut warmed up, Inuyasha stood by the fire, he wasn’t cold, but he like the feeling of the fire against his skin. Kagome leaned back against the wall, letting her miko powers spark against her fingertips. Inuyasha watched her, he wanted to know more about her. It was the second day here, he felt this woman was more of a mother figure than someone else.


“Hn?” she looked over at him, letting her powers sit inside herself.

“Why do you hide yourself?” Kagome knew he was going to ask that, Inuyasha stood up and walked to her, he sat on her lap and placed both his hands on each side of her cheek. She stared into his amber eyes, while he stared into her blue ones.

“Here.” she removed his hands from her cheek, setting them down on his lap, she began to tell her tale. “My father is the Eastern Lord, he never let me out of the palace. For all my times living there I wasn’t happy. I wanted to see the world, see everything I couldn’t have as a pup. Demons everywhere wanted to mate with me, but I didn’t allow it. They were weak and I would not stand for a weak mate.” she held onto him, trying to not force her tears out. Inuyasha smelled them, before he kissed her cheek. Kagome blushed by this.

“What about your mother?” Kagome heart ache for her mother right now. She looked down at the pup.

“She died in child birth. I never knew my mother.” she spoke, before looking at the fire, reflected against her eyes. The flames danced against each other, forming pictures that only in Kagome’s mind knew.

“That doesn’t explain why you left?” still a curious pup as he will ever be. Kagome spoke,

“I left, because my father wanted me to mate with someone from the west. I never knew the young lord’s name, but I wouldn’t allow myself to do so. Rumors spread throughout the palace that he was a cold hearted bastard who hated humans and hanyou’s alike. I wouldn’t want to mate with him, even if he was powerful. I want to love someone. Someone who I can be with, without any problems.” Love was something she wanted, yet never knew how. Inuyasha remembered his mother saying that his father loved her. She loved him in returned and had him, but he never met his father. He died the day the pup was born, Inuyasha hugged her close. Kagome saw this and wrapped her arm around his small figure hugging him close to her chest.

“I love you, Mother.” his words slip out of mouth. Kagome placed her chin on his head, rubbing his back with her hand. She was his pup, adopted or not.

“I love you too, Inuyasha.”


“I will be right back, Inuyasha.” she transform herself to her demon self. Inuyasha wanted to go with her, but she didn’t want anything to hurt him.

“Please, I can help?” his young pups eyes sparkled against hers, she couldn’t say no, but she knew what was best for the young pup.

“I will come back, you can play in the garden and remember what I told you, if anything happens-”

“A barrier will surround me and I will howl for you.” He spoke, feeling proud of himself.

“That’s right. I wont be long.” Kagome smiled back at the young pup, heading off into the forest. Inuyasha didn’t want to be alone, but his mother was right. Kagome allowed him to call her his mother, being that fact that he had to say it. She was not his replacement of his own mother, he would always remember her. Walking out into the garden, he saw butterflies and small furry creatures. He ran up to them, he chased away the furry creatures, he was sad, but the butterflies flapped around him. Inuyasha giggled with enjoyment, he chased after the butterfly, trying to catch one. He jumped, but failed, seeing the butterfly too high for him. He fell back against the flowers that surrounded him. He nuzzled against them, enjoying the scent that gave off. Inuyasha looked at the sky, he noticed dark clouds were forming, he didn’t like it. He began to get up and head back to the hut, when he felt something. A demonic aura, his small nose sniff the air. Rain was dripping down on him, soaking him. He growled whoever was behind him. Inuyasha’s  eyes widen seeing the figure coming out of the forest. He was tall, white haori and white hakama, black armor against her chest, while his cuirass wrapped around his shoulder. Yellow and blue belt was wrapped around his waist, his eyes trailed up seeing amber eyes, two magenta stripes each side of his face. One under both his eye lids, a blue crescent moon placed on his forehead, what really caught his eye was the long flowing sliver hair that went passed his waist.  They both stared at each other, Inuyasha wanted to run for it, but something told him not to, yet he wanted to.

“You are Inuyasha correct?” the demon spoke. Inuyasha didn’t say a word, growling at the demon.

“Yeah so what of it? Leave me alone!” he ran for it, away from the demon that was behind him. Of course with his demonic speed, he was in front of the pup, Inuyasha was blow back.

“I came for you.”

“Who are you?” he was frighten he didn’t want to leave his mother, he didn’t want to leave at all.

“Tell him, Sesshomaru. He needs to know.”

“Back in your cage, beast!” Sesshomaru started at the young pup, he can tell he was related to him. His bangs were dripped down to his face, seeing the pup freezing under this weather.


“Please, leave Sesshomaru.” the young pup whimpered, wanting to get away and see his mother.

“I came for you….”

“I don’t want to go!” he got up and ran from him again, but it seemed like a repeat. Sesshomaru wasn’t going to stand of this much longer. He reached his hand out to grabbed the pup, but suddenly his hand was backfired. He looked down at his hand, a burn mark was placed. He looked at the pup, seeing a barrier from around him. Inuyasha started howling for his mother, Sesshomaru stared at the young pup, he smelled something in the air, mix with rain, he felt a presence near by. He jumped out of the way, seeing the ball of pure light passed him. He stared at the woman in front of him. Gracefully placing his feet down on the ground, he saw she was non other than a miko.

“You have no business here, leave my pup alone.” she formed another ball of light and shot it at the demon lord. Sesshomaru moved out the way, with his speed he was in front of the miko, grabbing a hold of her neck.

“He is not your pup.” his mask hiding his true intentions for the young pup.

“Please leave mother alone.” Sesshomaru looked down at the pup, he was out of his barrier, clinging on to his hakama. He moved his eyes to the young miko, gasping for air he wanted to kill her right there and take the pup. He smelled salty tears, he saw it was the pups, “Please…Sesshomaru.” Sesshomaru closed his eyes, dropping the human on her feet. Kagome was gasping for air, coughing. Inuyasha removed himself off Sesshomaru’s hakama and ran to his mother. Kagome held onto him tightly, before glaring at the demon in front of her.

“Why have you come for this pup?” she growled at him, yet kept herself at bay. Is she slips, her true identity will be revealed and she didn’t want that. Sesshomaru mask was in place, never showing emotions.

“This pup is my half brother.”

“So he is here for the pup, I wont let him take him.”

“And why all of a sudden?” she glared at him, she was pissed indeed. Inuyasha looked up at his older half brother. Curious, he removed himself from her and looked up at him. Sesshomaru looked down at the pup,

“Inuyasha, you cannot be with this woman. You are to stay with me.” Inuyasha shook his head. Sesshomaru wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Mother come.” he closed his eyes, before reopening them. He stared at the woman below him,

“Bring her to take care of pup.”

“I refuse to have a filthy human living in my palace.”

“I know, but it seems the pup has taking to her liking. He is already calling her mother. Sesshomaru do what’s best, before I take over.”

“Get back in your cage, beast.”

“She can come, pup.” Kagome wanted to speak up and say no, but Inuyasha was being picked up by the demons arms, setting him in his moko moko boa tail. She knew inside, she had to let him go, but he wanted her to come. Kagome got up from her feet, he started walking away. She didn’t get Inuyasha his piggy he wanted, but for now she traveled with the demon. “Name.” he spoke. She looked over seeing Inuyasha was sleeping, even under this weather she was surprise he was sleeping.

“Kagome, you?” the demon lord came to a cave, where he slid down against the wall. His tail landed on the floor, he looked down at the pup, still sleeping. He looked back at the woman, who had her arms cross at him. Intriguing she was to him.

“Lord Sesshomaru of the West.” Kagome didn’t flinch, but kept her calm.

“So I finally get to meet the cold hearted bastard.”

“If you hurt the pup, I will end you.” Sesshomaru glared at her for a minute or too, never a human went against the demon lord.

Something Different - pt 2


How cute.

Hope you Enjoy!~
Deep into the forest, their stood a girl who’s past was something she didn’t want to be in. Kneeling down on the ground, she pick up a few herbs she needed back at her hut. Taking each bit by bit, she filled her basket with enough herbs to last her the week. She stood up grabbing the basket and headed back to her hut. Though she felt something wrong, she heard whimpering from behind. She sense a demonic aura, yet something else in the mix. Turning her head, she saw something silver in the bushes. Small, yet something else came into the mix, red. She walked a bit closer, dropping her basket on the ground. The image began to move, she called out.

“Wait, I wont hurt you.” It stop. It hid in the bushes, she smelled salty tears. She moved a bit closer to the bush, before moving it aside. Her eyes widen seeing a small boy in his red kimono, his silver hair flowing down his back, but what caught her eye was his ears, there were puppy ears. Not only that his eyes, filled with amber color mix with tears. She reached her hand out, but he flinched.

“Leave me alone!” he screamed. She gave him a warm smile, causing him to look straight at her blue orbs. He saw she was no threat to him, like any other human he encounter, she was different. She reminded him of his mother, he slowly walk up to her.

“I wont hurt you. Are you lost?” she asked. He nodded, bringing more tears down his face. She couldn’t help, but pull him into a hug. The boy was shock, but he cling onto her kimono, letting his tears continue falling down her face. “Where are your parents?” she asked again. The little boy looked up at her, before speaking.

“My mother died.” he spoke. The woman hugged him closer, picking him up she walked the other way, before picking up her basket and continue heading back to her hut. “Where are we going?” he asked, she saw he was frighten yet he wipe some of the tears from his face. She held onto him tightly, never letting him go.



By the time she got home with the small boy, she found out his name was Inuyasha. She placed Inuyasha down on the ground, she walked over to her table and placed the basket on top. Inuyasha was a curious being, he saw all kinds of things in her hut. He walked over to the table where she placed the basket, he sniffed it making him a little sick to his stomach. The woman looked down at the boy, causing her to giggle a bit.

“Would you like something?” she asked. Inuyasha looked at the woman above him.

“Your name?” She knew she could do that for him.

“Kagome.” she smiled at him. “What are you anyway?” she asked. She didn’t want to mistaken him, if he was a demon, she sense he was something else as well. Inuyasha didn’t say a word for a minute, but he slowly trusted her. She was the first human to even help him without rocks being thrown at him or kicking him or calling him worthless.

“A hanyou.” Kagome saw the look on his eyes, fear and sadness. What on earth could people do to the poor thing. He was only a pup, how cruel of people.

“I guess its say I can tell you who I am. Inuyasha.” Kagome closed her eyes and transform herself. Inuyasha eyes widen, she wasn’t a human like he thought she was. Kagome opened her eyes staring down at the little pup.

“You are a demon.”

“Yes, but also a miko. I am a Inu Miko demon.” she spoke. Inuyasha saw that she had a cherry blossom mark on the middle of her forehead, she had one blue stripe on each side of her cheek. She had a small white tail that barely touch the ground, yet she hang it on her shoulder. Her eyes stayed the same. Inuyasha just stared at her, before she transform herself back to her human disguise.

“Why do you hide?”

“I have to. I don’t want anyone else to find me.” she spoke. She kneeled down on the ground to his level, she pushed some of his bangs up making her look at him. “Inuyasha, please stay here. I don’t want you to be alone.” Kagome didn’t want the poor pup living on his own, he had no parents and even if he had a sibling, he or she never went to get him. Unless he or she didn’t know of his existent. Inuyasha was taking so much in, that he didn’t know what to say. She gave him a warm smile, before letting go of her hand.

“Why don’t we have dinner and maybe a bath as well.” Once he heard the word bath, he shook his head. Kagome raised an eyebrow, but decided not to ask about it. “What would you like to eat, I can get fish. There’s a stream not far from here.” she asked him. Inuyasha reached his hand out and grabbed her hand. She saw he wanted fish and started heading out to the stream. For a while now, she watched the young pup running ahead, she couldn’t help, but smile at him, seeing him so happy.

“I only just met him and yet he feels like he is at home.”

“Do be careful. If he does have siblings than we cant help it.”

“If he or she wanted him they would have taken him in. I will not let that happen to him.” She thought of giving something to the pup. Something that would at least protected him until he grew up. Kagome heard yelling when she saw the pup already in the water, trying to catch a few fish in his reach. She rolled her sleeves up and bend her knees down in the water. Inuyasha watched her, catching a few fish each time in her reach, she showed him how to do it. Inuyasha waited for the right moment, he saw one coming his way. The fish swam the other way, causing Inuyasha to reach out and grab it only to have fallen into the water. Kagome eyes widen, hoping he wasn’t hurt by the rocks. Inuyasha gave a huge opened mouth smile at her, seeing the fish was still in his tiny clawed hands. Kagome was indeed proud of the young pup,

“You did it, I’m so proud of you.” she smiled at him, reaching her hand out to him. Inuyasha took her hand, she smiled at him once more again and walked out of the stream and headed back to the hut. Placing the fish on the small plate on the table, she turned her view at the small pup, she saw he sniffled and sneezed.

“Oh your poor thing. Here.” she kneeled down on him, removing his kimono but leaving his under layer on. She took them away from him and hang them in the other room. Inuyasha watched her leave, a fire was already lit up. He sat down rubbing his hands together, he was cold, since his kimono was the only thing that kept him warm. He started thinking of what she said to him, she was kind and gentle, like his mother was. She didn’t hurt him or do anything that he didn’t like, in fact he was grateful that he found her. Suddenly a warmth came to him, he notice it was a small blanket covering him, he pulled the side of it, making it even warmer for him. He watched her cook the fish in the fireplace, Kagome notice he was watching her.

“Kagome…about what you said earlier…”

“Yes?” she looked down at him, causing him to sneeze once more. She giggle a little, but listen to what he had to say.

“I want to stay here.”

“Of course you can.” she gave him a warm smile, causing him to do his smile back at her. Kagome noticed the fish were done cooking, she handed a few to Inuyasha on a plate. She blew on them, before he took a bite on them. His stomach was happy being that proper food was being given to him. He licked his lips tasting the flavor from his lips, he took more bites into the fish. Kagome began eating hers as she watch the pup continue on eating.


Kagome left him after he was done eating, she saw he was getting tired. She made her way into the guest room, placing the futon down. She grabbed a pillow and some blankets on it, she knew he needed to sleep some place.

“Kagome?” she looked back at him. She was done, but still saw he was wrapped around the blanket she had given him. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, seeing those tired eyes, she couldn’t help how his puppy ears were flat on his head.

“Time for bed, pup.” he didn’t care that she called him that. It was actually a nice feeling to him. Slowly walking up to her, he laid down on the bed, she tucked him in. Inuyasha saw her face, and gave her a small smile. Kagome leaned down and kissed his forehead, she could see a little pink on his cheeks. “Goodnight, pup.” He yawned once more, slowly his eyes drifted off to sleep. Kagome stood up and walked out of the room, closing the door. If he needed her, her room was next to his. Kagome began walking out of the hut and headed outside. Sitting on the grass, she looked up at the stars, it was pretty out. The moon was huge and full, it shine against her. Kagome couldn’t help, but think of the pup living with her, she always wanted one, but though she knew why she couldn’t.

“Having trouble?”  her beast came out to talk, causing Kagome to be upset with this.

“At the moment, no.” She was in no mood to talk to her beast. Still she didn’t know why she revealed herself to the pup. Was it because she wanted to have closure with the pup or was it to make sure he wasn’t still afraid of her if she acted like a human. Her thoughts roam inside her head, she needed a break. Standing up and headed back inside the hut, she looked back seeing if anything was out there to harm her or the pup. She sniffed the air, sensing no danger. “Good.” Kagome closed the front door seeing the bamboo rambling to the side, she headed to her room. Closing her door, she walked over to her small table, where a small box was placed. She knew she shouldn’t open it, but their was something inside she needed to give to the pup. Kneeling down, Kagome opened the box from the table and saw that the item she needed was still there.

“Pup would be safe.”,/b> she ignored her beast, closing the box and setting it down on the table. She crawled over to her bed, never changing out of her kimono. Kagome knew she would need a bath, she usually takes one every day, but with Inuyasha being here. She needed one tomorrow and so did he. Closing her eyes, she drifted off into sleep.


Far up in the high mountains in the west, the demon lord in his studies working on documents that needed to be taken care of. Ever since his father was killed a few years ago, he had to pick up the pace. The young lord hated it, but he was responsible now and he would not disrespect his father, no matter how much he hated for leaving him to save the filthy human and the half breed. Hearing a knock on the door, he growled a little inside.

“Come.” he spoke. The door opened seeing a small imp creature walking up to him, he bowed to his lord, before speaking.

“Lord Sesshomaru. I have news of your broth-”

“His name shall not be mention. He is not my brother.” he went back to work on his documents, the imp bowed once more. Yet he still continue speaking of the subject.

“Lady Izayoi is dead. Inuyasha is left on his own. Do you wish to see if he is at least okay, mi lord?” Sesshomaru dropped his papers onto his desk, his eyes trailed down on the paper. His mind began to wonder why should he, he was nothing, but a half breed that tainted his father’s blood. Still a piece of him wanted to at least see the pup and a pup shouldn’t be left alone. It wouldn’t be right to him. He cursed himself, before standing up and walked out of the room.

“Jaken, stay here.”

“Yes, mi lord.” Sesshomaru headed outside, he saw it was dark out, but he began to travel to where his little brother was.

“Why am I so concern for him? He is nothing, but a half bread?”

“You know why, Sesshomaru.”

“Be quiet and go back in your cage.”,/i>

“I cannot do that, Sesshomaru. Your little brother needs you right now. Even if you don’t take him in, he will hate you forever.”

“This Sesshomaru hates him, not only for he has my fathers blood running through his veins, but he ruin my chance in fighting my father. He ruined everything!”  he growled at his beast. The only thing he heard was chuckling from the beast.

“That may be so, but he is a pup. Pups are not suppose to be left behind, even your mother told you that.”

“Leave my mother out of this. She wasn’t there for me.”

“And yet your father was?”

“SILENCE!!” Sesshomaru didn’t hear from his beast after that. He hated when he would come out of nowhere when he wasn’t talking to him. He sigh, before masking himself and let his demonic aura out, letting the other lowly demons not to mess with him.

“Least he has a point, father would never approve of the pup being left alone. Perhaps I should take him in.” he didn’t know why, but his beast was right, pups aren’t suppose to be alone with his or her pack. it’s the Inu law no matter if he or she was a youkai or hanyou. Still he hated the fact he has to be nice to his little brother once he found him, If he was still alive, he sniffed the air, he didn’t know what scent he had, but he would try no matter what. Looking back in the sky, seeing the full moon out.

“At least its not the new moon.”
Something Different - pt 1


This has been haunting my dreams lately, mostly of baby Inuyasha, I mean come on he is so cute and adorable as a young pup and even now. So I thought of this,

Hope you Enjoy!~
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He waited, his mate was burning up, and he sense the pups were hurting inside.

“Mother cant you do a simple thing.”

“You should thank me, son.” Sesshomaru looked up seeing his mother and the miko. Sakura looked down at her daughter, she sense she was hurting inside. Rushing over to her and placing her hands on her stomach and head. She felt a lots of pain and burning,

“Sesshomaru, give me your blood and cut right here.” he raised an eyebrow, before he did as he was told. He used his claw finger to slice the top of his mates stomach, before slicing his own wrist. His blood dripped down aiming for her opened cut, Sakura closed her eyes, sending her miko powers through her fingertips. She let go of her energy sending through her daughters stomach. Kagome flinched in pain, her body was thrashing about. “Hold her down!” Sayuri kneeled down, holding Kagome down, by her waist. She started screaming in pain, before she opened her eyes. Kagome saw everyone, tears were streaming down her face, pleading.

“STOP, YOUR HURTING THEM!!!” they didn’t listen, she was still burning up, his blood piercing through her womb, before the pups inside calm down. Kagome felt them alright, she looked at her mother. Sakura finished what she was doing, before she smiled down at her daughter.

“You really need to calm yourself and stop worrying. Its not good for you.” she spoke to her, before Kagome nodded.

“Thanks, Mama.” Sakura nodded to her, before she left with Sayuri.

“Will she be okay?” Sayuri asked her as she closed the door. Sakura looked at her, her face full of worry.

“She is the first, I will give you that. I am afraid she isn’t ready for pups.” Sayuri eyes grew wide, knowing her son he wouldn’t be happy to hear that. “Kagome was never really suppose to have pups. Their was a theory that being she is a Inu Miko demon that her miko powers would kill the pups inside.”

“You were fine with her, what’s the difference?”

“She has demonic blood in her, that is the reason. With Sesshomaru using his blood to pierce through her womb, the pups should be fine for now. If this happens again, I’m afraid the pups will not make it.” Sakura knew she would have to tell Sesshomaru, but for now she wanted him to take care of her daughter every way that he can. She wanted to see some grandpups, always spoiling them like she did with her, but the fact that he wanted to see her daughter smiling away. It wasn’t going to happened. “Tell Sesshomaru what I told you. I have to return to the East.” Sayuri nodded. Sakura started to leave the demoness, sending her thoughts elsewhere.


Sesshomaru helped his mate get dress, sliding her kimono on. Kagome looked at her mate, before clinging on to him. Tears were leaking down her face, Sesshomaru held onto her.

“I’m scared Sesshomaru.” He stared down at her, he leaned down kissing the side of her head for comfort. Kagome looked at him.

“I know your scared, but you are stron-”

“Sesshomaru, I’m not strong. Our pups were hurting on the inside, I can hear them howling in pain.” Sesshomaru let go of her and wipe her tears away.

“Kagome, just calm yourself and tell me what is wrong.” he spoke to her calmly. Kagome moved away from him and started walking out of the room. Sesshomaru followed her. By the time they reach their room, Kagome opened the door and walked over to her bed. Sesshomaru closed the door and walked up to her. Kagome patted down on the bed, telling him to sit down.

“Sesshomaru, I’m just worried that the pups or me wont survive the birth.” he saw her playing with her fingers, before setting them down on her lap. Sesshomaru knew this would happen answering questions that they might know of.

“I trust you that you would be okay. This Sesshomaru would be here when the pups are being born.”

“I would like that. Thank you.” she hugged him causing the demon lord to return her hug.


Months went by, third month to be exact. Kagome was big and she complain every time her mate was with her. Sesshomaru knew this would happen, but calm himself. His beast was pleased how the outcome of this was torturing his master. Sesshomaru would leave her be, letting her draw whatever. Time passed from that time, she would draw many pictures to anything that came to mind. Rin would draw with her, she found it fun to do that, since Shippo wasn’t around like he used to. Kagome stopped her drawing and rubbed her stomach, she could feel two pups inside of her. Since the incident, she hasn’t had it again, which was a good thing. Rin looked at her mother and handed the drawing to her. Kagome took it and smile at her looking at the drawing. It look like the pups of what it would look like and Rin was taking care of them. Kagome couldn’t help but chuckle, Rin looked at her and smiled.

“Rin like it when you laugh, Mama.”

“I do too, Rin. Its very beautiful.” she set it down on the side. Rin walked over to her and kneeled down to her.

“Has the pups kicked yet?”

“They have for a while now. It scared me to think they didn’t.” she rubbed her stomach, before Rin placed her hand on her stomach. She felt the kick causing Rin to widen her eyes.

“Its them, Rin felt it.” she smiled.

“Yes, it is.” Kagome slowly up from her spot. She turn to look at the young child and nodded for her to follow. Rin followed her down the hall. “Rin, would you like to bath with me?” she asked, but Rin shook her head.

“Father told me I couldn’t do that. Something about the pups or something. Besides Rin has to play in the garden. Uncle Toga wants to show me something.” Kagome knew, Uncle Toga was like that, always wanting to show the child knew things. Kagome understood seeing the young child leaving. She headed to her room, slipping the kimono off, she went into the bathing chamber. She set her foot inside the water before letting her body ease within the heat of the water. She leaned back against the wall, moaning.

“Pups are feeling excited for their mother.”

“I’m not surprise in that. Though if what Sesshomaru said was true, will I be okay?”

“Think like that and you might end up dead.” Kagome didn’t want that. She breath in and out, before rubbing her hand over her stomach. Feeling the pups movement.

“One more month and they will be happy little pups.”

“Unless they come early like Sesshomaru was.”

“I will hold them in before that happens.”

“You know you cant.”

“I can and I will.” she spoke out loud, not like anyone was going to hear her. Until she felt an demonic aura, she knew who it was and didn’t even look back. She grinned to herself, before cupping her breasts in her hands and lean down further in the water.

“Talking to your beast again?” He spoke, Kagome nodded still not looking at him, Dropping his kimono onto the floor, he decided to join her. Finally getting into the water, he wrapped his arms around her, he trailed his clawed fingers down to her stomach. He could feel kicking inside of her. Sesshomaru was very pleased. “They seem happy, that the both of us are here.”

“You’re right. Sesshomaru.” she placed her hands onto his. Leaning herself back against him. “You told me that we are having two pups. I feel that there is more pups.” Sesshomaru could tell how eager she was on having the pups.

“One more month, mate. And soon we shall see them.” he kissed her head, Kagome turned herself around and leaned against him, kissing him straight on. Sesshomaru pulled her closer, but not too much, he didn’t want to harm the pups. Tilting his head to the side, he opened his mouth and let her taste him. She bit and nip his bottom lip, itching for him to take her. Sesshomaru smelled her excitement, he pushed her off of him. Knowing her she was going to scream.

“Sesshomaru, I need you so badly right now!”

“Kagome, you are three months pupped. I don’t want to harm them.”

“Screw this.” He wondered what it meant, until she dove her hand into the water and grabbed his member into her hand and started stroking his shaft up and down. Sesshomaru cursed at the woman, groaning her name passed through his lips. Kagome capture his lips in a rough kiss, sloppy, but he didn’t care. Knowing well he was harden enough, Kagome stood between his legs before sliding herself down on his shaft.


“I want you so badly, so move!” she growled, biting his neck. His eyes changed to red, letting his beast out. He pounded into her roughly, hoping his beast not wanting to hurt the pups inside of her, but just enough to please his mate. Kagome held onto him, screaming his name. He didn’t care that it hurt his ears, but just enough to send him over the edge. Moving in and out in and out, setting a rhythm, Kagome bit her lip, begging for more of him. He didn’t want to, but with her sinking her fangs into him, growling. He had to do it. Sesshomaru pulled her close, holding her up, he thrusted into her harder. Kagome moan in pleasure, she rewarded him with a kiss. She felt her came so quickly, breaking the kiss she moaned. “Sesshomar-”

“Cum with me.” with that they both came at the same time. Never were apart, for he filled her up. Kagome was set down back into the water, Sesshomaru sat down besides her, before reaching his hand for the body and grab some soap and started lathering her hair. Kagome closed her eyes liking this.

“Told you the pups would be fine.”

“Hn.” he continue doing this until he was finished with her hair. Kagome dunked under washing her hair, making sure all the suds were off. Rising back up her lips were capture into a kiss, Kagome returned the kiss, opening her eyes at her mate.

“So what really made you come here?”

“This Sesshomaru cant spend some time with his mate?” he raised an eyebrow before he started doing his own hair, Kagome helped him, stealing a few kisses along the way. Sesshomaru couldn’t help how much his mate was a minx, every time she wanted to have sex with him. It was like she was in heat all over again. Normally it’s the male who crave more than the female, he was amused by this. Once he was finished, he helped his mate out of the water and headed back to their bedroom. Slipping on a fresh kimono, he helped his mate into hers before kissing her temple. Kagome saw the look in his eyes, he seemed to be curious about something, so she spoke up.

“Is something wrong, Sesshomaru?” she asked, looking down at her. He hid behind his mask.

“Nothing.” She saw his mask being showed and she didn’t like it. Though if their was a reason, than she would respect her wishes.

“Alright, but you know I am here, if you need to talk or anything.” she gave away her famous smile, causing him to smile back at her.

“Hn.” with that he left her in their room. Once the door was closed, Kagome decided to take a nap. Resting against the sheets underneath her, covers over her body. She nuzzled against her pillow, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.


Sesshomaru couldn’t help, but make her mate feel curious as always. He never wanted her in his private discussion with his father, but this was something he needed to get answered. Why would his father be hiding something from him? What was this part of the land he was speaking of have the power he needed? The conversation goes back a few months, he remembered it so well. Sesshomaru headed into the library, finding his daughter reading one of the books. Rin knew how to read since Kagome was an excellent teacher. Rin began to speak a little better, but still had the third person speaking at times. He would have to advise her to do so, being she will  be a young woman in time. Rin notice her father walking in, she smiled at him. Sesshomaru sat down besides her seeing a strange book he never saw before. Rin looked at him and spoke,

“This book is called The Little Mermaid.” he looked down at the book, seeing a young girl, who apparently was a mermaid across from her looked like a demon with tentacles. Reminded him of Naraku at the time, but instead of a he, it was a she. Rin saw his eyes being so curious, she climbed onto his lap, resting herself. Sesshomaru didn’t mind her doing this, he saw the book even better as she started to read to him. “She wanted to be happy, she wanted to be human to be with her prince. The sea witch would give her the power, only to lose something to gain what she wanted.” Rin paused herself, she started to turn the page. Sesshomaru eyes trailed down to the mermaid, her form transforming into a human. “The sea witch stated that the girl must fall in love with the prince in three days. If she didn’t she would never come back to the sea, but if she did she would have a happy life. With the sea witch granting the wish, the mermaid transform herself into a human, rising above the sea. The thing she gave up was her voice, her voice was power and if the prince believe she was the one that saved him. He would marry her and together forever.” Sesshomaru was curious how the girl traded her voice for something ridiculous. He saw she would give up anything to have someone she couldn’t have. Rin began reading to him at the very end. Closing the book, he saw she has fallen asleep on the against him. Setting the book down on the side, he carried his daughter out of the library and headed to her room. Setting her down on her bed, tucking her in. He kissed her forehead, hearing her breath steady, which is what he wanted to hear. He slowly left the room, closing the door behind him. He would have to ask his mate what the story truly meant, why would a child read something that only ended in death? He began to walk away from the door, he smelled the air, he needed to figure this out. Upon finding his father in his own room, he saw his mother was already sleeping, but his father was leaning against the side wall, looking up and out of the window. It was the new moon, he saw in his fathers eyes, sadness. He looked over at his son, before leaving the room. He closed the door, staring at his son.

“I know you had to do, but he could have another chance.” He was referring to Inuyasha. Sesshomaru never spoke. “You could have help his demon side-”

“Father I know you are upset of losing Inuyasha, but you cant keep feeling bad for something I had to do to save her.” Toga knew he saw it all.

“You didn’t come here for a small talk, did you son?” Sesshomaru never moved, but his father knew.

“Tell me something you are hiding, it has something to do with my birth.” Toga stared at his son, he knew he shouldn’t, but what would happened if he told him that he had a twin sister that he killed.

“It is a long story, but Sesshomaru you were not the only one in that womb. You had a twin sister.”
Falling with You pt 7


Pups should come soon.

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Once again, followers. I have not forgotten about the Older Hiccup x Reader - Time Changes series. I am still having a hard time writing a fight scene that is not pathetic or short. So far, I have written about 3 pages to it. I need more to that so I can get it off my chest. So still have writers block on that.

Another thing, I've been back and forth between the Inuyasha fanfics and reader inserts on my laptop. As you know, I have been posting a new chapter every day (or as much as I can.) Of Falling with You, which is a sequel to Remembering the One (SessKag.) Also I've posted a cute story of SessRin of a father daughter moment. During my talk with from a review on my fanfiction account, it came to my mind that I've decided to make a SessRin series, dont know what the title of it is yet, but it will be a love story between a daiyoukai and a human. Dont know when I will post it, but it will be after Falling with You and Older Hiccup. I will get it done, but dont know when. It could go on for days of endless chapters between those two. I'm pretty sure that the Hiccup one is almost complete.

Skip next note, if you want.

Another note, I am upset at Amazon at the moment, I order a Sesshomaru Doll and they gave my a cat doll from Final Fantasy XI. Even though the cat doll is cute, I didnt get what I wanted. I was going to bring the Sesshomaru doll to the next convention I am going to, which will be Zenkaikon. Just recieved a email back from the company hoping I will get him, before my birthday which is the day before the convention. *sighs*. I hope I get it, I want it so badly!!!

If you skip the note, heres what's happening.

I may post some pics of Sesshomaru I drew, but too scared to even do so. Its not that it will not look exactly like him, but its in my own style. Still wondering if I should. Might make some reader inserts with Sesshomaru, since the ones I read are etiher not finished or just not enough of them, I could also do the same for the other characters, but that will have to wait, being I have so much stuff to do.

Another thing,

In the future, I will be posting SPG gifts I have for them when I see them in Piscataway NJ. SPWF. I did everyones, but Rabbits, she scares me. The reason why is her makeup, shes continuesly changing it, which I dont mind being that Isabella is an artist. Paint + Rabbit = Dangerous.

I will post a photo of all the presents I have made, Wish me luck on Rabbit's.

Any questions you can ask down below..!~
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Once again, followers. I have not forgotten about the Older Hiccup x Reader - Time Changes series. I am still having a hard time writing a fight scene that is not pathetic or short. So far, I have written about 3 pages to it. I need more to that so I can get it off my chest. So still have writers block on that.

Another thing, I've been back and forth between the Inuyasha fanfics and reader inserts on my laptop. As you know, I have been posting a new chapter every day (or as much as I can.) Of Falling with You, which is a sequel to Remembering the One (SessKag.) Also I've posted a cute story of SessRin of a father daughter moment. During my talk with from a review on my fanfiction account, it came to my mind that I've decided to make a SessRin series, dont know what the title of it is yet, but it will be a love story between a daiyoukai and a human. Dont know when I will post it, but it will be after Falling with You and Older Hiccup. I will get it done, but dont know when. It could go on for days of endless chapters between those two. I'm pretty sure that the Hiccup one is almost complete.

Skip next note, if you want.

Another note, I am upset at Amazon at the moment, I order a Sesshomaru Doll and they gave my a cat doll from Final Fantasy XI. Even though the cat doll is cute, I didnt get what I wanted. I was going to bring the Sesshomaru doll to the next convention I am going to, which will be Zenkaikon. Just recieved a email back from the company hoping I will get him, before my birthday which is the day before the convention. *sighs*. I hope I get it, I want it so badly!!!

If you skip the note, heres what's happening.

I may post some pics of Sesshomaru I drew, but too scared to even do so. Its not that it will not look exactly like him, but its in my own style. Still wondering if I should. Might make some reader inserts with Sesshomaru, since the ones I read are etiher not finished or just not enough of them, I could also do the same for the other characters, but that will have to wait, being I have so much stuff to do.

Another thing,

In the future, I will be posting SPG gifts I have for them when I see them in Piscataway NJ. SPWF. I did everyones, but Rabbits, she scares me. The reason why is her makeup, shes continuesly changing it, which I dont mind being that Isabella is an artist. Paint + Rabbit = Dangerous.

I will post a photo of all the presents I have made, Wish me luck on Rabbit's.

Any questions you can ask down below..!~
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Sebastian from Black Butler stamp by Xiahism black butler ciel phantomhive stamp eyes by Xiahism Grell Sutcliff stamp by Xiahism Sebastian ~ Stamp by OtomeNishiki
Ouran High School Host Club ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki How To Train Your Dragon 2, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHell HTTYD: Toothless Shaking Head Stamp by randomkiwibirds HTTYD: Dramatic Hiccup and Toothless Stamp by randomkiwibirds
Disney The Fox + The Hound Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney 101 Dalmations by TwilightProwler Balto oo3 by HuskeeStamps Balto oo2 by HuskeeStamps
Disney 101 Escaping Puppies Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Clopin + Twirl Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Esmeralda Stamp by TwilightProwler Best Day Ever Tangled Stamp by moonprincessluna
Disney Mulan Avalanche Stamp by TwilightProwler El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler Little Merida by clio-mokona Yzma and Kronk by ovstamps
Funny Aladdin And Genie by ImFeelingStampity Disney Aladdin + Jasmine Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Genie Stamp by TwilightProwler Despicable Me Minion Maid Scene stamp by Captain-AlbertWesker
Disney Jafar + Laugh Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Enchanted Rose Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Tinker Bell Stamp by TwilightProwler Robin Williams Stamp from Hook by MageStiles
Disney Tarzan + No Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Captain Hook + Piano Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Mulan + Reflection Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Dr Facilier + Shadow Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Dr Facilier + Magic Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Hades + Laugh Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Maleficent Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Ursula Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Cheshire Cat Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Frollo Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Marie, Berlioz + Toulouse Nose Wiggle Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Puppy Copper Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Bambi + Flower Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Olivia Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Basil + Dawson + Olivia Stamp by TwilightProwler UMAP Francoeur + flowers Stamp by TwilightProwler
Anastasia + Dimitri Stamp by TwilightProwler UMAP Lucille Stamp by TwilightProwler Laika Corlaine Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumbelle + Hug Stamp by TwilightProwler
OUAT Rumbelle I'm Not Unhappy Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Gold + Hug Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin Gasp Stamp by TwilightProwler Hook Stamp (Once upon a time...) by ThummerNight Fanfiction

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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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